Promotion of CSR Activity

The Santen Group promotes awareness in each employee of the significance of understanding Santen's CSR policy and acting based on a high sense of ethics. We also established CSR committees to promote our CSR activities.

Santen Code of Practice as a Code of Conduct

Santen Group believes it is important for our employees to not only comply with laws and regulations, but also to act in accordance with a high standard of ethics befitting workers at Santen, and to truly earn customers' trust, based on an understanding of the spirit behind Santen's Values. We have established the Santen Code of Practice as our code of conduct for every single director and employee.

Expanding understanding of the Santen Code of Practice

Santen Group has published translations of the Santen Code of Practice, a concrete Code of Conduct in business activities, in 13 languages, to spread knowledge of the code to all Santen Group corporate executives and employees, who are becoming increasingly diverse in line with the progression of globalization. Every year, with the aim of promoting the "Santen Code of Practice," our president or chief compliance officer provides a message for all Santen executives and employees, and awareness activities are conducted in each country and region. In 2017, we set February and July as "Santen Code of Practice Awareness Month," and launched a worldwide campaign to promote understanding of the code among all Santen employees.

CSR Committee Using the PDCA Cycle

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we at Santen have established and run five committees dedicated to environmental conservation, health and safety, fire and disaster risk management, and other subject fields. These committees are collectively called the CSR Committee. Each Committee sets a medium-term policy and a company-wide target according to issues in the "7 Core Subjects of CSR", and applies them to efforts in divisions and workplaces to which members of the Committee belong, to further develop and promote such efforts. The Committees strive to stimulate CSR activities by effectively putting the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle into practice through biannual regular meetings and monitoring within the term.

The CSR Committee sets a medium-term policy and a company-wide target. Based on these, the Committee monitors activities in divisions and workplaces to realize the continuous cycle of PDCA: checking the differences between a plan and its results, assessing risks, revising the plan, devising additional measures, and returning to planning for the next term.

Providing CSR Training

Santen provides CSR training for new employees and newly appointed managerial staff to enhance employees' understanding of and spread knowledge of CSR. Training for new employees is provided every time new employees join the company, which occurs almost every month, while training for newly appointed managerial staff is provided twice a year, in September and March. Santen also strives to share knowledge about our CSR principles by imparting new information in a timely manner using newsletters via the internal portal site and the e-learning system.

For the top management, in February 2013, Santen invited Mr. Kenichi Kumagai of, the Japan Association for Advancement of ILO, who was a member of the ISO 26000 international editing committee, to give a lecture titled "New current of international CSR activities: corporate value enhanced through ISO 26000 (on social responsibility of organizations)."

New employees are taking CSR training.

Compliance Consulting & Reporting Desk

To ensure compliance, Santen wants all employees not only to observe laws and regulations, but also to act in accordance with a specific code of conduct in their business activities, which Santen stipulates in the "Santen Code of Practice" as the standards of responsibility required for workers at Santen.

We also have compliance-related consultation/complaint systems available in each country/region in their respective language(s), to encourage our employees to consult with or report to us or ask questions regarding suspected acts of non-compliance. In addition to maintaining the strict confidentiality of whistleblowers, our internal rules, established according to the Whistle-Blower Protection Act as well as related guidelines, call for the protection of whistleblowers from any disadvantages. Our "outside helpline" service, provided by third parties, including outside lawyers, is available in almost every country.

Corporate Governance

For details on corporate governance, see the following item

Enhancing the Appropriateness of Santen's Operations

Santen aims to ensure a higher level of appropriateness of Santen Group's operations, by clarifying each Group company's roles and responsibilities by formulating Group Company Management Regulations, and strengthening the auditing function. The Internal Auditing Group, which is independent of the executive of the divisions and under the direct control of the President, audits the status of institutionalization and implementation of the internal controls of Santen and its Group companies, and strives to enhance the appropriateness of their operations.

Assuring the Reliability of Santen's Financial Report

Santen assures the reliability of our financial reports by building and operating the internal controls system, including the formulation of procedure manuals and the processes of checks and balances. We and our Group companies check our own appropriateness, while the Internal Auditing Group reviews the validity of these self-checks. Additionally, independent external auditors are in charge of auditing.