• Minori Hara

Chief Digital & Information Officer

Minori Hara has been the Chief Digital & Information Officer (CDIO) of Santen since April 2020, responsible for the establishment and execution of company-wide digital and IT strategy and its integration with the company’s business strategies. He also manages the delivery of all digital and IT capabilities necessary for achieving success.

Before joining Santen in 2018, Minori worked for the United Nations for nearly 20 years in six different countries to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From 2012, he was CIO of the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization in Italy and Deputy CIO of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, also in Italy, where he collaborated with executive leaders and business partners to drive the digital and IT transformation strategies of these two organizations. He also assessed external digital opportunities and threats, and optimized internal technology capabilities required to achieve desired competitive positioning of these organizations.

Minori started his UN career in 1999 with International Telecommunication Union postings in India and Switzerland, managing various technology projects for developing countries and diplomatic communities. He then fulfilled a number of IT leadership roles at the UN headquarters in the USA, United Nations Volunteers in Germany and International Atomic Energy Agency in Austria. In all capacities, a consistent priority was ensuring the delivery of IT contributions with agility in order to adapt to changing agendas for global development.

Minori is purpose-driven in his passion to solve deep-seated issues in modern global society. For Santen, he is highly energized by the impact and progress that the company’s healthcare offerings can deliver, enabled by his effort in digital and IT. Thanks to his extensive exposure to different cultures and organizations, Minori has developed a special sensitivity for understanding and maneuvering his way through the varied nuances of global business in order to achieve tangible results.

Minori holds a master’s degree in engineering from Sophia University, Japan and an executive master’s degree in management of international organizations from SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy.