• Takayuki Yamada

Head of China Business

Takayuki Yamada, Head of China Business since April 2020, is supporting Santen’s transformation as a true social innovator by delivering added value in China’s ophthalmology sector, a growing market for eye healthcare. He joined Santen in 2013.

Takayuki is transforming the company’s China business specifically by developing innovative products and solutions, increasing product supply capacity to meet expanding demands, and both securing and nurturing new talent capable of contributing to Santen’s global business. Notable initiatives include the active incubation of new businesses for healthcare devices, digital health solutions and more, and developing an ophthalmic ecosystem in close collaboration with local partners.

Takayuki has demonstrated strong capabilities as an international business leader over approximately one decade. Prior to his current position, he was Deputy Managing Director and then Managing Director of China for a total of one year, before which he held a number of managerial positions in the EMEA region, including Italy, Benelux and the regional headquarters in Switzerland, over a seven-year period.

In Italy, Takayuki led the integration of the ophthalmic portfolio acquired from MSD (Merck) and assumed guiding roles in developing startup business and establishing product supply, marketing, field promotion and portfolio strategy for the local market. As the manager of operations in the Benelux market, he upgraded sales and marketing functions and strengthened the company’s financial base, paving the way for a successful turnaround of the local business.

Prior to Santen, Takayuki worked for Panasonic Corporation, where he held positions in sales, marketing, product planning and global operations covering both B2B and B2C business, and gained valuable in-depth exposure to business in the Asian and European regional markets as well as had two years of experience in Russia.

Takayuki holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan.