In realizing our WORLD VISION, we refer to our principles and action guidelines as our “VALUES”.

Core of Our Values

People Centricity

Always put people at the center of every aspect of our activity towards happy lives through vision.

Six Principles

These six principles are based on our core principle and outline a specific code of conduct for each and every one of our employees.

Be People Centric

Always ask you if you are contributing to the happiness of people in the world.

Explore everywhere

Think of people from around the world you can contribute the most to.

Expand possibilities

To eradicate all vision problems, consider all possible solutions - including groundbreaking approaches.

Leverage external strengths

To expand what we Santen can do for people, fully leverage others’ strengths and resources.

Turn diversity into advantage

Respect individuality. Go beyond what we can do for people by bringing together diversified power.

Act with agility

Act with agility. The quicker we move, the more people we can help.