Medium-term Management Plan

Medium-term Management Plan for FY2021-2025  MTP2025

The medium-term management plan, “MTP2025,” is the plan for the initial five years to achieve Santen 2030. We have placed importance on these five years so we can focus our energy to maximize the value of our core businesses, and concurrently therewith, proceed with entering into new categories of business going forward to growth in 2026 and beyond.
We will utilize our strength as a global ophthalmic company cultivated through Vision 2020, our existing pipeline and assets, as well as our bases of business located in various places around the world with its center in Japan, realize steady growth in sales and profit and increase our earning power. In addition, through our full-scale entry into the business of prescription pharmaceuticals in the U.S., we aim for global growth in the medium-term. In parallel, while making the most of organizational capacity that has been cultivated until now as a specialty company in the ophthalmologic area, we aim to achieve the medium- and long-term growth set forth in Santen 2030 through investment for novel innovation, entry to novel business fields such as cellular therapy, as well as capital investment (including investment to factories) and the like. Through this, we will steadily execute strategic policies towards transformation into a Social Innovator.

Transformation into a truly global ophthalmology Rx* company

*Rx: prescription pharmaceuticals

Leveraging core strengths in pharma business to establish global presence,improve profitability, and capture potential opportunities in ophthalmology

Profit ratio improvement in core businesses

  • Profit maximization in each region

Expansion of new areas

  • Establishment of revenue structure in Americas
  • New disease / other upsides

Strengthening of foundation as a global company

  • Strengthening of product development capabilities
  • Strengthening of product supply infrastructure
  • Reflect strategies in company-wide financial KPIs and business KPIs
  • Establishing global platform

We aim at medium-to-long term shareholder value creation by contributing to society’s sustainable development through addressing patient and healthcare professionals needs, and social issues

FY2025 KPI targets

TSR*Top 1/2 level in pharma industry
Net sales≥ 315 billion yen (CAGR 5%)
Operating profit ratio (IFRS)≥ 21%
ROE≥ 13%
Overseas sales ratio≥ 50%
Shareholder return≥ 40% in payout ratio + Opportunistic share buy-back(s)
  • TSR: Total Shareholder Return

Medium-Term Plan “MTP2025”