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You can check yourself for the likelihood of having dry eye on this page.
If you experience any symptoms for suspected dry eye, see an ophthalmologist at a nearby clinic.

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Causes of Dry Eye

‘I recently often experience eye strain.’This is a possible sign of dry eye when looking at the screens of personal computers, televisions, or mobile phones.

An increasing number of individuals now feel that they are likely to experience eye strain, or a vague feeling of discomfort in their eyes.

The feeling of dryness of the eye, or dry eye, has recently been attracting attention as a cause of such symptoms, including eye strain.

The condition of dry eye is an ocular disease characterized by damage (injuries) to the eye surface due to a lack of volume of tears or a compositional change in tears.

The progression of dry eye may lead to reduced visual acuity, eye pain, and corneal epithelial detachment (a disease characterized by corneal drying and detachment).

Individuals with the Following Lifestyles are Likely to Experience Dry Eye!

Despite the fact that the condition of dry eye is experienced by a large number of people, it is not commonly recognized as a disease. If you meet the following criteria, you need to pay special attention to your eyes!

If you feel something unusual in your eyes, don't hesitate to see an ophthalmologist.

If you follow your doctor's instructions with regard to daily activity, you may be able to relieve your symptoms, and become more comfortable during the day.

Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lens wearers are more likely to have dryness of the eyes than those who do not wear contact lenses.
Individuals who experience symptoms, such as a sandy feeling in their eyes or hyperemia, likely have dry eye.

Individuals Who Use Personal Computers for Long Periods of Time

Individuals who use personal computers for business purposes for long periods of time every day and, in particular, those who perform tasks requiring visual concentration, such as handling detailed numbers and characters, need to pay special attention to their eyes! Individuals who look at a display with a fixed gaze while playing an Internet game also need to be vigilant.

Individuals Who Stay in Air Conditioned Rooms for Long Periods of Time

Individuals who work in air conditioned offices throughout the day and those who have their face defenselessly exposed to the flow of air from air conditioners at home need to pay special attention to their eyes. Their eyes will soon become dry.

Individuals Who Underwent Refractive Surgery Within the Past Six Months

Refractive surgery is a surgical operation intended to improve visual acuity by trimming the cornea using a laser. In most cases, transient hypoesthesia is observed and causes dry eye as a surgical complication about 3 to 6 months after surgery. Symptoms, for the most part, resolve after a given period of time; however, dry eye sometimes remains unresolved for a long period of time.

Individuals Who Stay up Late at Night

Do you lack sleep due to overtime work, late night drinking, or midnight web surfing or telephone calls? Individuals who experience eye problems in the afternoon or at night likely have dry eye

Individuals Who Often Travel or Go on Business Trips

Individuals who often travel long distances on airplanes for business purposes and individuals who frequently stay at hotels need to be vigilant with their eyes.

Patients with Pollinosis

Pollinosis, a spring annoyance, is an allergic condition of the eye and nose caused by pollen from the Japanese cedar trees and other plants.
Pollinosis is characterized by symptoms, such as eye itching, hyperemia, and excess lacrimation, and these symptoms also develop in dry eye. Dry eye and pollinosis have similar ocular symptoms, and both diseases may occur concurrently.

Frequent Drivers

Individuals who drive for many hours, such as taxi, bus, and truck drivers, sales persons who often use cars for business and those who enjoy driving as a hobby may have dry eye if they feel discomfort during driving.

Elderly Persons

Changes occur in our body as we age, and this is also true for our eyes.
The secretory function of the lacrimal gland, an organ that produces tears, is known to decrease with aging, resulting in a decrease in the volume of tears secreted.