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Hyalein® 0.1

Hyalein® 0.1 delivers fast relief for dry, irritated eyes so you won’t miss a moment in those tougher levels.

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    Protects And Relieves Symptoms1

    It can help to improve ocular comfort by reducing symptoms such as dryness, burning, and irritation. The lubricating properties of sodium hyaluronate can help to soothe and protect the eyes, improving overall comfort.

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    Soothes And Moisturizes2

    The protective film formed by Hyalein® 0.1 on the surface of the eye can help to soothe and protect the eyes from environmental irritants such as wind, dust, and pollen.

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    Contact Lens Friendly3

    Helps to reduce the discomfort and dryness that can be associated with wearing contact lenses.

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