Realizing Happiness with Vision―Improving people’s lives through the best vision experience

As a specialized company dedicated to eye health, Santen aspires to contribute to the realization of “Happiness with Vision” by providing valuable products and services to patients, consumers, and medical professionals around the world.

Since its establishment in Japan in 1890, and guided by its CORE PRINCIPLE, “Tenki ni sanyo suru,” Santen has been committed to helping people maintain and improve their eye health, and is engaged in the global research and development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products in the field of eye care, supporting the eye health of approximately 50 million people worldwide. Our duty is to create a future in which as many patients and consumers as possible can lead happy and fulfilling lives, we will continue to contribute to the realization of better eye care by providing solutions that eliminate bottlenecks in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, thereby revolutionizing the treatment flow.

Each of us is deeply committed to challenging ourselves, building an organization that brings together diverse internal talents and external expertise, and to doing our utmost to realize a society in which people everywhere can feel happy through vision-related experiences.


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