Investing in Promising Research and Early-Stage Companies

At Santen USA, we believe the greatest breakthroughs in vision care come from pooling resources and working collaboratively. To that end, we’re committed to investing in promising academic and industry research and offering financial support for early-stage companies working on innovative technologies. Our aim is to accelerate innovations to serve unmet eye health needs around the world.

Through our corporate venture capital fund, Santen Ventures, Inc., we seek to invest in drug-discovery to early clinical-stage innovations. Our ultimate objective is to help nurture young companies and early-stage innovations into full-scale business development opportunities for Santen Group. We offer our deep expertise and network built over a long history as an eye health specialty company to strengthen access to the venture market and to help contribute to emerging solutions for important needs in vision care.

As a company backed by nearly 130 years of global pharmaceutical industry experience, we are a trusted partner for helping early-stage entities bring vision care innovations to life and to market.

Current Areas of Interest

Santen Ventures, Inc. seeks investment opportunities globally, focused strategically on eye health, including:
・Therapeutic solutions that fit our focus areas
 ・Retinal diseases
 ・Glaucoma and neuroprotection
 ・Dry eye and corneal disorders
 ・Refractive disorders
・Gene and cell therapies
・Biomarkers and diagnostic tools
・Drug delivery technologies
・Surgical and other devices
・Digital health tools
・Other technologies and innovations that could serve significant unmet needs in vision care