Santen 2030

Consisting of “Santen’s VISION”, which shows what Santen aspires to be in 2030 and beyond, “STRATEGY” and “GOAL” in order to achieve our WORLD VISION.

 Santen's VISION

Towards 2030 and Beyond

 Become A Social Innovator   

Orchestrate and mobilize key technologies and players around the world, to deliver happiness through vision.


Aim to reduce the loss of social and economic opportunities for people around the world due to eye conditions.


We at Santen have established three long-term strategies: “Ophthalmology,” “Wellness,” and “Inclusions”.


Innovation in Ophthalmology and Acceleration of Ecosystem Development


Awareness and Proactive Care toward Better Eye Condition


Building Society that is Inclusive regardless of Visual Impairment


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