Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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About Santen

About Us

A Clear Vision For Life

Look, observe, and look closely.
With our eyes we look at various objects. Our eyes are such essential organs, through which we obtain 80% of our information.
Santen hopes to help many more people enjoy looking at various objects and scenes, particularly delightful scenes.
As a specialized pharmaceutical company primarily engaged in the ophthalmic field, Santen has established a paramount position in Japan's prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical market and has expanded into the global market.
Santen will continue its dedication to improving the eyesight and health of people worldwide, exercising the spirit of creation and innovation, as well as the scientific knowledge and organizational capabilities that we have nurtured for over 120 years since the founding of our Company.

Greetings Greetings

Akira Kurokawa, President and CEO.

Santen's Values Santen's Values

Santen's Values that provide a solid base for our business activities.

Santen's Vision Santen's Vision

Santen's vision and initiatives to realize it.

Business Activities Business Activities

Research & Development, Production, Sales & Marketing, etc.

Quality Compliance System Quality Compliance System

Initiatives to maintain the quality and safety of our products.

Corporate Governance Corporate Governance

Management System, Board of Corporate Auditors, and other related systems.

Overview Overview

Outline of Santen's Business, Corporate Executives, Organization Chart, List of Group Companies, History, etc.

News Release News Release

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