Our Sustainability Commitment

Santen is a specialized company dedicated to ophthalmology with a history spanning more than 130 years. We offer products and services to prevent eye and ocular diseases based on a philosophy of “tenki ni sanyo suru“, or exploring the secrets and mechanisms of nature to contribute to health. As a specialized company dedicated to ophthalmology, we understand the needs of patients and healthcare professionals in the field. We are committed to expanding our business across the globe, delivering high-quality products consistently and making meaningful contributions to as many people as possible. We continue to pursue Happiness with Vision, an ideal world to which we aspire. For many years, Santen has pursued the Happiest Life for every individual through the Best Vision Experience. To accomplish this pursuit, we must generate consistent profits over the long term and allocate resources appropriately. Understanding where demand will trend over the long term is also important.
Long-term business continuity relies on an adequate supply of products and services to the ophthalmology market and by meeting market demands. That’s not to mention that we must earn the trust of people around the world through diligent and transparent activities.
We aim for the sustainable development of our company and society according to the following values:

(1) To be a company sought after by people over the long term

We desire to be a constant companion, from prevention to treatment to support, offering patients and consumers healthy eye lives and fulfilled lifestyles. We commit to the development, supply, and communication of products and services to eliminate poor vision through activities that bring the joy of clear vision, working together with medical professionals and their patients. As an example, we are developing new therapeutic agents to reduce severe myopia in children. Glaucoma is a disease that increases in risk with age. The disease can lead to blindness if it progresses, but early detection and continued treatment can help maintain vision. Therefore, we strive to develop and market therapeutic drugs while also focusing on initiatives to support continuing treatment. Further, we contribute to better lives by developing and marketing eye drops and devices that are more user-friendly.
We increase the value of our contributions through commercial excellence, which is one of our greatest strengths. In other words, we aspire to offer patients the best in eye disease treatment and care, basing our strategies for standardized high-quality on this aspiration. We engage in consistent KPI and PDCA cycles across our organization, from R&D to final product delivery, raising our organizational capabilities to maximize the value of the products and services we offer.

(2) To supply products and services over the long term

As individuals involved in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, the employees who support our business commit to maintaining the highest levels of product and service quality, safety, and uninterrupted supply. We strive to introduce new technologies to improve productivity and quality at manufacturing sites operated under the strictest hygiene management.
We also recognize the valuable assets represented by human resources who have diverse knowledge and experience. These human resources help us pursue commercial excellence on a global level. To this end, we train and promote highly specialized personnel capable of fostering better eye health for the people of the world from the perspective of patients and consumers. At the same time, we utilize our intellectual property, IT technology, and other assets with the utmost care.

(3) To always earn the trust of society

We strive to provide products and services friendly to the natural environment, ensuring the clear vision of a beautiful world for all. We maintain our commitment to clean water, which is the most important element in ophthalmic solutions. We reduce the environmental impact of our products, including the choice of biomass plastic for containers.
We create and nurture highly transparent and appropriate relationships with stakeholders, including healthcare professionals. We fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights and to contribute to the creation of societies that respect every individual.

To achieve these goals, we must establish a reliable and transparent governance structure.
We strengthen the functions of the Board of Directors and pursue diversity, including gender diversity and diversity of national origin, to build a sound governance structure and foster a corporate culture that maximizes the potential of our employees.