Social Data (up-to-date)

The following performance indicators such as Number of employees by group, Average salary by gender, Death in occupational safety and health in Japan, Number of persons and the occupational accident frequency rate in Japan are guaranteed by the third party to improve reliability. The independent third-party assurance report can be found on page 23 of the ESG Data Book.

Basic Employee Data

Scope: Employees of our group (Contract employees are not included. Data on seconded employees is collected by the host company).
The offices covered by the data are based on the scope of each item.

Number of employees


Number of employees by gender and rank

General employeeMaleConsolidatedPersons---1,6681,637

Average length of service


Average age of employees 

TotalConsolidatedYears old--41.842.242.7
MaleConsolidatedYears old--42.943.243.8
FemaleConsolidatedYears old--40.340.841.3
TotalNon-consolidatedYears old42.742.943.544.044.3
MaleNon-consolidatedYears old43.343.544.044.544.8
FemaleNon-consolidatedYears old40.741.341.742.342.8

Number of newly hired employees

  • EMEA: Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Number of newly hired employees

New-graduate recruitsTotalNon-consolidatedPersons2024192436
Mid-career recruitsTotalNon-consolidatedPersons11992776431

Employee turnover

JapanNumber of turnoverPersons--89126128
Turnover rate%--4.4%6.4%6.6%
ChinaNumber of turnoverPersons--185255171
Turnover rate%--23.5%32.4%23.6%
AsiaNumber of turnoverPersons--727179
Turnover rate%--18.5%17.6%20.5%
EMEANumber of turnoverPersons--90117124
Turnover rate%--13.2%15.6%16.5%
AmericasNumber of turnoverPersons--587378
Turnover rate%--17.1%17.8%22.2%
TotalNumber of turnoverPersons--494642580
Turnover rate%--12.0%14.9%14.0%

The number of employees who retired between April and March of each year (including contract employees).

Employee turnover

TotalNumber of turnoverNon-consolidatedPersons55585585114
Turnover rateNon-consolidated%3.0%3.2%2.9%4.6 %6.3%
Number of voluntary turnoverNon-consolidatedPersons5558497588
Voluntary turnoverNon-consolidated%3.0%3.2%2.6%4.1%4.9%
MaleNumber of turnoverNon-consolidatedPersons4043426379
Turnover rateNon-consolidated%2.9%3.1%3.0%4.6%5.9%
Number of voluntary turnoverNon-consolidatedPersons4043395764
Voluntary turnoverNon-consolidated%2.9%3.1%2.8%4.1%4.7%
FemaleNumber of turnoverNon-consolidatedPersons1515132235
Turnover rateNon-consolidated%3.5%3.4%2.8%4.8%7.6%
Number of voluntary turnoverNon-consolidatedPersons1515101824
Voluntary turnoverNon-consolidated%3.5%3.4%2.2%4.0%5.2%


Reemployment applicantNon-consolidatedPersons1915312117
Reemployment rateNon-consolidated%100%100%94%100%100%

Average remuneration

Average annual employee salaryNon-consolidatedThousand yen8,1928,2288,2698,5129,019

Human resource development

The aggregate length of training sessionsConsolidatedHours---48,61293,384
Investment in trainingConsolidatedMillions of yen---277213

Only the cases that can be determined as training for human resource development are included in the calculation.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Number of employees by region

Santen GroupPersons4,0734,1084,2294,3154,144

Calculated based on the new global personnel database from FY2020.

Employees by gender

Ratio of femaleConsolidated%--42.2%42.6%42.8%
Ratio of femaleSanten Group in Japan(*)%23.3%24.2%24.7%24.7%25.8%
  • Non-consolidated until FY2021

Females in managerial positions

Executive %4.5%9.1%12.0%14.3%28.6%
Director and managerConsolidated%--38.4%37.1%39.0%
Director and managerSanten Group in Japan(*)%10.7%12.6%12.2%13.6%16.9%
  • Non-consolidated until FY2021

Average annual salary by gender and rank 

TotalMaleConsolidatedThousand yen----10,408
FemaleConsolidatedThousand yen----9,606
ManagerMaleConsolidatedThousand yen---15,68617,951
FemaleConsolidatedThousand yen---14,91617,946
General employeeMaleConsolidatedThousand yen---6,6477,100
FemaleConsolidatedThousand yen---6,0526,647
TotalMaleConsolidatedThousand yen----9,380
FemaleConsolidatedThousand yen----7,419
ManagerMaleSanten Group in JapanThousand yen----13,945
FemaleSanten Group in JapanThousand yen----13,063
General employeeMaleSanten Group in JapanThousand yen----7,904
FemaleSanten Group in JapanThousand yen----6,526
Permanent workerMaleSanten Group in JapanThousand yen----9,568
FemaleSanten Group in JapanThousand yen----7,610
Part-time and non-regular workersMaleSanten Group in JapanThousand yen----6,663
FemaleSanten Group in JapanThousand yen----2,802

Executive compensation and stock options are excluded.

Wage gender differences

General employeeConsolidated----93.6%
TotalSanten Group in Japan----79.1%
ManagerSanten Group in Japan----93.7%
General employeeSanten Group in Japan----82.6%
Permanent workerSanten Group in Japan----79.5%
Part-time and non-regular workersSanten Group in Japan----42.1%

The percentage of female's wages with male's wages being set at 100%.
This gender differences in wages are not based on the wage system or structure.
The differences are primarily due to differences in the ratio of male to female managers and employment status.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities(*)Santen Group in JapanPersons5054595954
Rate of people with disabilities(*)Santen Group in Japan2.42%2.62%2.88%2.93%2.80%
(Reference) Visually impaired people (actual number)Santen Group in JapanPersons---55
  • Follows Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare standards

Number of fixed-term employees

Fixed-term employeesConsolidatedPersons--990971897
Fixed-term employeesSanten Group in Japan(*)Persons130112122106106
Contract employeesSanten Group in JapanPersons163181181182193
  • Including the number of seconded employees to outside of group companies.

Number of users of childcare and nursing care systems

Special leave (paid)Maternity leaveSanten Group in JapanPersons2126241820
Nursing care leave for a preschool childSanten Group in JapanPersons2211664
Nursing care leave for an elderly or disabled familySanten Group in JapanPersons40331
Childcare leave systemChildcare leave (Female)Santen Group in JapanPersons1840431518
Childcare leave acquisition rate (Female)Santen Group in Japan%---93.8%120.0%
Childcare leave (Male)Santen Group in JapanPersons449773735
Childcare leave acquisition rate (Male)Santen Group in Japan%6.1%67.1%135.1%63.8%87.5%
Return to work rateSanten Group in Japan%100%100%100%100%98.1%
Short working-hour system for childcareShort working hours for nursing careSanten Group in JapanPersons3231292122
Nursing-care leave systemNursing care leaveSanten Group in JapanPersons01110
Short working hours for nursing careSanten Group in JapanPersons00000
Annual paid leave reserve systemNursing care leave for a family memberSanten Group in JapanPersons7563377079
Nursing care leave for a child(included in above)Santen Group in JapanPersons3839123036
Childcare leave for a child of elementary school age or youngerSanten Group in JapanPersons4652375749

From FY2021, calculation methodology for childcare leave was revised.

Annual paid leave 

Days grantedSanten Group in JapanDays17.918.818.019.819.8
Days takenSanten Group in JapanDays10.815.711.711.813.2
Percentage of days takenSanten Group in Japan%60.5%83.5%65.4%59.3%66.7%

Volunteer leave 

Number of peopleSanten Group in JapanPersons64000

Average overtime work per month

Hours / month by personSanten Group in JapanHours/month11.911.29.210.510.7

Occupational Safety and Health

Number of work-related fatalities

All operational sites (Japan(*))00000
Shuzo Plant (China)00000
  • Contractors are not included. Excludes Claire Co., Ltd. and Santen Eye Care Co., Ltd.

Occupational accidents in each region

All Operational Sites (Japan)Number of accidents(*1,*5)Cases15254
Frequency rate(*2,*5)
Severity rate (*3,*5) 0.0050.0150.0010.0250.083
Contractors (Japan)Number of accidentsCases----0
Frequency rate(*2) ----0.00
Suzhou Plant (China)Number of accidentsCases00010
Frequency rate
Severity rate
Contractors (China)Number of accidentsCases----0
Frequency rate(*2) ----0.00
Tampere Plant (Finland) (*4)Number of accidentsCases01---
Frequency rate 0.003.40---
Severity rate 0.000.01---
ConsolidatedNumber of accidentsCases----8
Frequency rate ----0.77
Severity rate ----0.038
  1. Number of accidents: In Japan and China denotes the number of accidents resulting in employees being absent from work for any length of time. In Finland, it denotes the number of accidents resulting in employees being absent from work for three or more days. Commuting disasters are not included.
    Scope: All employees, including part-time employees and rehired employees, and employees seconded to domestic group companies.
    From FY2022, seconded employees and domestic group companies Claire Inc. and Santen Eye Care Co are included. Contract employees are not included.
    Employees seconded overseas are not included from FY2022 as they are not covered by workers' compensation insurance in Japan.
  2. Frequency rate: Number of casualties causing industrial accidents per million aggregate actual working hours; it denotes the frequency of accidents.
  3. Severity rate: Number of lost working days per 1,000 aggregate actual working hours; it denotes the level of severity of accidents.
  4. Santen's own Tampere Plant was transferred to NextPharma and necessary process has been completed on September 30, 2019.
    The data for 2019 shows the data up to the transfer completion date.
  5. An accident that occurred in FY2021 was certified as lost time injuries in FY2022, and was added to the number of occupational accidents in FY2021 and the frequency rate of lost time injuries was revised accordingly.

Health and Productivity Management




Presenteeism(*1) Santen Group in Japan(*2)---83.0%84.0%
The Brief Job Stress Questionnaire(*3)Examination rateSanten Group in Japan94.8%93.7%91.9%88.1%90.1%
High stress rateSanten Group in Japan10.4%9.9%7.9%10.3%10.3%
  1. Activity (productivity) indices related to "work performance, quality, and quantity" derived from the database of Humanage, Inc., the company that commissioned the stress check survey table.
  2. Including employees seconded to overseas branches
  3. Since we highly focus on employee’s mental health, we put not only the industrial physician, required by law, but also the public health nurse at each sites as well as the EAP service so that employees have easier access to health advice/services.

Product Development and Stable Supply

Research and development

R&D expensesConsolidatedMillions of yen23,75923,34124,11226,37728,297
Ratio of R&D expenses to net salesConsolidated%10.2%9.7%9.7%9.9%10.1%

Product recall

  1. ClassⅠ:Situations where the use of the product can cause serious health damage or death
  2. ClassⅡ:Situations where the use of the product may cause temporary or medically curable health hazards, or the risk of serious health hazards is unlikely.

Access to healthcare

Patients we have contributedConsolidatedMillion people-434850(*)
  • To be updated as soon as available due to data acquisition

Supply chain

Supplier assessment rateConsolidated----93.5%
Supplier training rateConsolidated----87.1%
ESG education rate for procurement department staffConsolidated----100%

Stakeholder Engagement

Freedom of association

Number of union membersNon-consolidatedPersons---1,2771,263
Rate of union members in the total employeesNon-consolidated---69.4%69.9%
Number of collective bargaining rights holdersNon-consolidatedPersons----1,263
Percentage of employees with collective bargaining rightsNon-consolidated----100%


Amount of donationsConsolidatedMillions of yen---810878
Rate to consolidated core operating profitsConsolidated%---1.7%2.0%

Distribution of added value to stakeholders

ShareholdersConsolidatedMillions of yen---11,99812,611
EmployeesConsolidatedMillions of yen---50,76357,063
Creditors (financial institutions)ConsolidatedMillions of yen---249476
Business partnersConsolidatedMillions of yen---143,407152,144
Government agencies (national and local)ConsolidatedMillions of yen---8,4279,184
Local communitiesConsolidatedMillions of yen---810870
EnvironmentNon-consolidatedMillions of yen---392371

Visitors to plant tours 

Shiga Product Supply CenterPersons---00
Noto PlantPersons---2470
Suzhou PlantPersons---16066

Dialogue with investors and analysts

Number of meetingsTimes----260