Santen Initiatives

The company aims to build a society that is inclusive to all regardless of visual impairment. To realize this society, we are working with various partners, including global organization such as WHO, regional groups, and companies, to solve social issues related to inclusion. This page introduces recent topics.

Creating Innovation in "Seeing"

Santen, the NPO Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA) and the International Blind Football Foundation (IBF Foundation) have a long-term partnership is named "VISI-ONE" with the aim of helping solve social issues related to visually impairments around the world. In "VISI-ONE", Santen, JBFA, and IBF Foundation organizing the "VISI-ONE Accelerator Program" for creating innovations in "seeing"

This accelerator program solicits proposals for commercialization ideas from companies and organizations that are trying to create new businesses, regardless of the size of the organization, in the six areas for bringing down the walls between those who can see and those who can't. We accept a wide range of new ideas and technological applications from different fields that are not bound by existing businesses. We support the creation of products and services that can bring down the walls and pursue business feasibility while collaborating with mentors and advisors who are visually impaired but active at the forefront of business.

Members of the VISI-ONE accelerator program.
The visually impaired join as mentors and advisers

International Blind Football Competitions

The company has sponsored international blind football competitions to foster a social mindset for the visually impaired. Santen was the title sponsor of the IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix in 2020 and 2021" in Shinagawa", and also sponsored "IBSA Blind Football European Championships Division2 in 2021"

Shooting for goal at the IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix

Initiatives at Ophthalmology Congresses

Attempting to bridge the gap from ophthalmic medical care, which many visually impaired people require, to welfare, we set up a section where visitors such as ophthalmologists can experience playing blind football in our booth at ophthalmology congresses. This experience enabled the visitors to better understand what visual impairment is like.

Blind football experience section at the booth

Efforts for Students with Visually Impairment

Internship program (in Europe)

In Europe, Santen EMEA has created an internship for visually impaired students. In September 2021, Santen EMEA welcomed the first intern. The main focus of the internship was to create a playbook that contained myriad useful tips, advice and instructions to help other markets to set up a similar internship program. Additionally, the intern spent one month with the Benelux sales team to allow students to learn more about Santen`s medical and business sides. Our ambition is to inspire other countries to roll out a similar program to support students with visual impairment.

Workshop opportunities for visually impaired students (in Japan)

In Japan, Santen held a workshop for career development for students with visual impairment as the one of the efforts of support for economic independence. The goal of the workshop was to provide students the skills to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, build a self-marketing plan, and promote themselves in a positive and logical manner. Nine students from across Japan joined the two-day online workshop. Some participants left favorable comments, such as, "It was great that I was able to learn skills useful for job hunting, such as the SWOT analysis" and "It was very meaningful to get to know the views of other visually impaired participants through the group discussion." There were also voices that appreciated this program as a rare opportunity to participate in a program focused on improving the awareness and skills of visually impaired students, unlike the common-style company information sessions that are designed only for the sighted.