Clinical Trial Information

<Clinical Trial>

Based on the "Joint Position on the Disclosure of Clinical Trial Information via Clinical Trial Registries and Databases" published by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA), Santen publishes information about clinical trials on the website operated by the public institutions listed below.
The publication of clinical trials information is for the purpose of ensuring the transparency of trial implementation and improving access to clinical trial information for patients and the general public and is not for the purpose of product advertising and sales promotion.

We are disclosing information about ongoing clinical trials at the link below. Please understand that this is information disclosure for those seeking clinical trial information.

*Only the clinical trials that are conducted on healthy volunteers or patients to investigate the efficacy and safety of a drug are shown here. Please go here for information about the drug production process.

<Research on human origin specimens and information from clinical trials>

Santen conducts research on human origin specimens and information (here after “specimens and information”) from clinical trials according to “Ethical Guidelines for medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects (here after “Guidelines”)” and “Act on the Protection of Personal Information (here after “Act”)” in Japan.

Santen obtains the consent from the provider of specimens and information to use the specimens and information according to the Guidelines and Act in principle, however there are cases that it is not possible to obtain the consent with sufficient explanation. In such cases, research information on the specimens and information will be disclosed at the link below.

If the provider of the specimen and information wishes to discontinue its use, please refer to the contact information indicated for each research. The specimen will be destroyed, and the information will not be used anymore. However, the said specimen may not be destroyed if it cannot be identified. If the specimen and information have already been analyzed, then those results will remain part of the overall research data.

Please note that there are no disadvantages due to the wish to discontinue.