Inclusive Society Santen Promotes

Inclusive Society Santen Aims

As a specialized company dedicated to eye health, we aim of building society that is inclusive to all regardless of visual impairment.


Santen values BLIND EXPERIENCE as an idea, not only a training experience. This approach improves people's awareness and understanding of blindness and visual impairment through the experience of not being able to see. As a result, it eliminates unconscious bias and dissolves the barriers between visually able and visually impaired people. We have fun and share values together. We will continue to search for new solutions to improve quality of life.

Through BLIND EXPERIENCE, we are challenging ourselves to achieve four major goals.

  1. Fostering the mindset of society as a whole
    The basis of our activities is to change society's overall perception of the visually impaired and the ideas of the visually impaired themselves.
  2. Linking healthcare-welfare
    Attempting to bridge the gap from ophthalmic medical care, which many visually impaired people visit, to welfare.
  3. Support for economic independence
    Support that encourages independence for the visually impaired, who often have difficulty achieving financial independence.
  4. Dissemination of solutions
    Promoting solutions that will bring happiness to the visually impaired and those around them.