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Santen (hereinafter “Santen”, “we” or “us”) highly values your trust and confidence in us. We understand the importance of your privacy and are fully committed to respecting it. This Global Privacy Policy describes how Santen companies and affiliates worldwide collect, use and protect personal data of all persons with whom Santen interacts.
This Global Privacy Policy is for visitors seeking information on Santen’s global business. For more region/country specific information, please refer to the privacy policy of our local organizations linked at the bottom of this page (hereinafter “Local Privacy Policy”). If the legislation of your country so requires, this Global Privacy Policy may be supplemented by Local Privacy Policy, as the case may be.
This Global Privacy Policy may not address all possible data processing scenarios. We may inform you of product or service specific data collection by us through supplementary policies or notices.

Depending on the purpose, we would collect certain types of your data, which could include:

  • General data: name, email address, phone number, postal address, date of birth, age, gender, nationality, etc.;
  • Profession & Employment: title, department, responsibilities, workplace, recruitment/termination date, working conditions, performance evaluation, etc.;
  • Financial details: bank account numbers, credit/debit card numbers, expenses, income, pensions, insurance, etc.;
  • Identification data: passport number, driver's license number, employee ID, patient ID, etc.;
  • Image & Sound recordings: CCTV footage, video recording, photograph, tape/telephone recording, etc.;
  • Data collected through your use of our website: IP address, your browser type, the device you use to access the site, etc.;
  • Health data: medical record, treatment data, blood sample, biometric data, DNA data, diet, lifestyle habit, etc.; and
  • Sensitive Data not included in the above: religious/philosophical belief, racial/ethnic origin data, membership of trade union, etc.

Most of your data are collected by us directly from you. However, in some cases, we may collect your data from the following sources:

  • Publicly available data sources, such as social media or any other data disclosed on the Internet, industry magazines, etc.;
  • Any other third parties, including healthcare providers, healthcare authorities, CRO, conference service providers, recruit agencies, financial institutions, a private dataset/databank service provider, etc.; and
  • Automatic collection, through your use of our websites, or view of our advertisements, etc.

We use your data only for the specified purposes of which we inform you through this privacy policy or any other supplemental policies or notices. Depending on how you interact with us, we use your data for various purposes, including:

  • To communicate with you
  • To provide our products and services, including:
    • to carry out obligations arising from any agreements;
    • to deliver our products; and
    • to provide access to our online service and application.
  • To conduct research and development of products or services, including:
    • to carry out clinical trials;
    • to carry out medical and pharmaceutical researches; and
    • to develop drugs, medical devices and other products or services.
  • To improve our products and services, including:
    • to conduct surveys or questionnaires; and
    • to carry out market researches.
  • To ensure drug safety and effectiveness, including:
    • to respond to reports of a possible adverse event; and
    • to take actions following legal and regulatory obligations.
  • To provide healthcare professionals with medical or pharmaceutical information, including:
    • to provide information regarding proper use of drug and medical device, quality, safety and effectiveness of drug and research and study in medical or pharmaceutical field; and
    • to hold events.
  • To provide information to general public, including:
    • to release information through media or on our website; and
    • to provide information regarding diseases.
  • To respond to shareholders, including:
    • to send annual reports and any other documents required by law;
    • to hold general shareholder meetings; and
    • to respond to the exercise of the shareholders’ rights.
  • To conduct marketing activities towards consumers of over-the-counter drugs or any other non-prescription products, including:
    • to place web advertisement; and
    • to provide campaign or product information via email, mobile applications or any other means.
  • To manage human resources, including:
    • to recruit employees; and
    • to perform personnel and labor management.
  • To respond to requests from administrative or judicial authorities and perform obligations under applicable laws and regulations
  • To personalize your experience when using our websites by presenting information tailored to you

We use your data on an appropriate legal basis following the applicable laws.

For the purposes explained above, we may share your data with the following parties:

  • Our suppliers, service providers, vendors or other business partners; and
  • The court or other government authorities.

In cases where we share your data with a third party working on our behalf, we require that such party implement appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your data and monitor such party as appropriate.
We may share your data within the teams in Santen companies and affiliates worldwide listed here only on a need-to-know basis. In such cases, we will take appropriate measures to comply with applicable laws.

We have implemented reasonable and appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

We keep your data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which your data is used or is required by law. At the end of such period, we will dispose of your data with the appropriate security measures.

Depending on the local law in your jurisdiction, you may have the right to:

  • access your personal data;
  • correct your personal data;
  • have your personal data deleted;
  • restrict processing of your personal data; and
  • complain about the processing of your personal data.

To exercise your rights, please use the Data Subject Request or follow the guidance in the privacy policy of your location linked at the bottom of this page.

Contact us

We welcome your inquiries or comments you may have regarding this Global Privacy Policy or your data. To contact us for such inquiries or comments, please follow the guidance in the privacy policy of your location linked at the bottom of this page. If your location is not in any of those regions, please contact: Global_Data_Privacy@santen.com

Change to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, effective when the revised policy posted in this page.

Privacy Policy of Regions and Countries

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