Santen’s Partnership


Santen is an ophthalmic specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving people's eyesight and well-being. Not only does it have the top share in the Japanese prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical market, but it also has a strong presence in the European and Asian markets.
Building on the strengths it has developed over a history of more than 130 years, Santen seeks to realize Happiness with Vision for people around the world, and in that endeavor, it understands the importance of cooperating with its partners. It has been seeking innovation in alliance with many pharmaceutical companies, biotech ventures, and scientific institutes through partnering and investing.

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Our Approach

Santen considers partnering with others as a key strategy to accelerating innovation. Santen is also dedicated to supporting biotech companies with research stage innovation in platform technologies, gene/cell therapies, device and drug delivery systems, bio markers, etc. by co-investing with other venture capitals.