Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Guided by Santen's Values -Tenki ni sanyo suru, the Santen Group strives to continue contributing to improving QOL (Quality of Life) of patients around the world by providing appropriate products and services.

Top Message Top Message

A message regarding Santen's CSR attitude from Akira Kurokawa, President and CEO.

CSR Promotion Scheme CSR Promotion Scheme

Conceptual framework for CSR initiatives on the basis of the three perspectives.

CSR Management Cycle CSR Management Cycle

Santen have determined medium-term activity themes and short-term action items for each of "7 Core Subjects of CSR", and is pursuing them in CSR activities utilizing PDCA cycle.

Environmental Data Book Environmental Data Book

As CSR activities result,we issue Enviromental Data Book on yearly basis.

  • The Ophthalmic Production Process


Santen Pharmaceutical welcomes your inquiries and opinions.