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CSR Promotion Scheme

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CSR Integrated into Business Conduct

Santen's Values Santen Code of Practice

Santen's Values -Tenki ni sanyo suru- embody what the Company has continued to recognize as important over 120 years since its foundation in 1890. Our mission is to benefit patients and their loved ones, and thereby contribute to society, by always pursuing creation and innovation.

To ensure that all business activities are consistent with our company values and mission, we have established "Organizational Principles" to articulate the ideal state of our organization and "Individual Action Principles" to guide how employees should act and behave. To provide more specific action guidelines, we also formulated "Santen Code of Practice" , which comprises "Declaration of Corporate Behavior" and "Code of Conduct". Focusing on the three perspectives of "customer trust", "employee responsibility and growth" and "harmonization with society" , "Santen Code of Practice" requires employees not only to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, but also to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in their conduct. We work on a continuous basis to disseminate and promote adherence to "Santen Code of Practice" throughout the Group.

To achieve our long-term strategic vision of developing Santen into a specialized pharmaceutical company with a global presence by 2020, we formulated and have been implementing the Medium-term Management Plan and Management Strategies. We also promote CSR activities in accordance with its basic policy of continuing to contributing to the improvement of QOL (Quality of Life) of patients around the world by providing valuable products and services and conducting business activities consistent with Santen's Values.

We believe that by conducting business activities and CSR activities in an integrated and continuous manner, we can contribute to a sustainable society and environment, leading to the realization of our long-term management vision.