CEO Message

Grasping ophthalmic treatment needs and contributing to ophthalmic treatment around the world

Santen, concentrating management resources on ophthalmology, is working globally on sales and marketing, quality compliance, manufacturing, and R&D of pharmaceuticals tailored to the needs of therapeutic frontlines in various regions such as Japan, Asia and EMEA (Note 1) . Over the nearly 130 years since our establishment, we have maintained a thorough customer focus while building up specialized expertise, technological skills, knowledge and experience in ophthalmology. We see our key role, and even reason for existence, as the leveraging of our strengths in our business activities to enhance patients' Quality of Life (QOL) and contribute to ophthalmic treatment.

Currently, 285 million people (Note 2) are said to suffer from ophthalmic disorders worldwide. As populations age, patient numbers are growing driven by afflictions such as glaucoma and retinal disorders. In addition, the prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical market continues to expand at an average rate of around 6% per year as medical technology developments give rise to new diagnosis and treatment methods. Meanwhile, there are significant unmet medical needs in the field of ophthalmology and many patients worldwide await the development of new treatment methods and pharmaceuticals. We aim to be an organization solving the problems that face people suffering from ophthalmic disorders around the globe and make ongoing contributions to ophthalmic treatment.

Note 1
Europe, the Middle East and Africa
Note 2
Number of patients worldwide with visual impairment due to ophthalmic disorders and so forth (not including ophthalmic patients without visual impairment, but including people with visual impairment due to ophthalmic disorders and other causes)
Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects: 2015 Revision

Contributing to a sustainable society by promoting CSR integrated into business conduct

Along with contributing to society through business activities, promoting CSR activities integrated into business conduct and activities based on high ethical standards are crucial to a company's fulfillment of social responsibilities and continuing sustainable growth together with society. In October 2017, we announced that Santen had newly joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). We will strive to practice the ten principles of the UNGC in the four areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption, which have been newly included in our activity policy.

With the expansion of areas in which Santen conducts business, we now benefit from increasing employee diversity while at the same time the need to address regulations that differ between countries and regions. Under such circumstances, we should not only ensure that we comply with laws and regulations in operating our business activities, but also promote the establishment of our business platforms in order to guarantee that our products are securely delivered to patients. In order to maintain transparent and sound management practices, we at Santen will upgrade and strengthen our corporate governance functionality, and establish organization which supports sustainable growth and most appropriately, develops human resources. Furthermore, we are initiatively making efforts to tackle such social and environmental issues as human-rights violations and climate change.

As a specialized ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, Santen's CSR includes not only contributions to society through the provision of products and services, but also contributions in the field of medical care and welfare. In the field of medical care, Santen will focus, with added dedication, not only on promoting medical and pharmaceutical research and keratoplasty, but also on supporting organizations and NGOs providing ophthalmology scholarships and prevention of blindness programs in developing countries. In the field of welfare, Santen will continue to support guide-dog development programs as well as the activities of support groups for the visually impaired. Moreover, we have started supporting sports for people with visual impairment since FY2017.

Developing talent and strengthening organizational capabilities in order to achieve sustained growth

In April 2015, we established Santen Leadership Competencies (SLC), a framework that conveys our expectations for personnel based on Santen's Values, along with a new personnel system based on SLC. SLC and the new personnel system based on this are being rolled out globally throughout the Santen Group. As a basic guideline for developing the capabilities and formulating the career plans of each employee, SLC will support employees who are motivated to grow and provide them with growth opportunities. We will push ahead with activities guided by Santen's Values among all Santen Group employees. In doing so, we will bring together our employees as "One Santen, One Team," even as they become increasingly diverse. In this manner, we will further strengthen the Group's collective capabilities.

By making concerted efforts as the Santen Group, and carrying out our CSR integrated into business conduct, we at Santen will continue to focus on contributing to patients and their loved ones, and consequently to society.

Your continued cooperation and support are highly appreciated.

Akira Kurokawa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer