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CSR Management Cycle: 7 Core Subjects of CSR

Santen Group considers it essential to integrate CSR into its management strategies, and to practice CSR as part of its business operations. In line with this, on the basis of Santen's Values and the three perspectives of "customers", "employees" and "society" stated in "Santen Code of Practice", as well as the seven core subjects of ISO 26000, we defined "7 Core Subjects of CSR", for each of which basic policy has been laid down. We also developed a conceptual framework for CSR initiatives that gives an overview of the CSR issues that we will address.

To implement Santen’s CSR activities, we have determined medium-term activity themes and, more specific, short-term action items for each of “7 Core Subjects of CSR”. We are engaging in CSR activities through the pursuit of these activity themes and action items utilizing PDCA cycle*. Moreover, we have set a vision that we hope to realize in the medium term (goal images) for each medium-term activity theme and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each action item. To reinforce our CSR activities, these have been set considering the progress of CSR activities and changes in our business environment.

* PDCA cycle: A concept for keeping business activities efficient through steps of a cycle of Plan, Do, Check, and Action.

CSR Management Cycle

7 core subjects of CSR Medium-term CSR activity themes
CSR management
  • Establishing of stakeholder engagement
  • Operating the risk management system efficiently
Provision of apporopriate products and services
  • Develping and providing outstanding products
  • Providing information and services related to products and diseases
  • Ensuring compliance across relationships with healthcare professionals and with patients' organizations
Fair business practices
  • Ensuring compliance across all business activities
Respect for human rights
  • Respecting human rights in business activities
Occupational health and safety
  • Creating a great working environment
  • Ensuring workplace health and safety
Environmental conservation
  • Preventing global warming
  • Resources conservation and waste management
  • Protecting environment
Social contribution
  • Improving of medical care and welfare in the fields related to its business
  • Activities as a corporate citizen
  • The Ophthalmic Production Process


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