Supporting Sports for the Visually Impaired

As a specialized company dedicated to the ophthalmic field, Santen seeks to contribute to the well-being of patients, their loved ones and consequently to society according to Santen's Values. Based on these values, Santen supports sports for people with visual impairment in order to promote society's understanding and interest in ophthalmic disorders and to foster an awareness of patient perspectives through employee volunteer and other means. Santen aims to support, through sports for people with visual impairment, the dreams and aspirations of all people, including players with visual impairment, their families and supporters with visual impairment interested in sports.

Santen's Initiatives

Santen and Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA) entered into a partnership agreement for about two years, effective March, 2017. Santen enters this partnership agreement sharing JBFA's vision: "Through blind football (Note 1) , we hope to create a unified, borderless society for all" and its mission: "We strive to contribute life enjoyment for all the people involved in blind football." Santen supports JBFA's activities by serving as a sponsor for the Japan National Men's and Women's Blind Football teams, as a partner of the "Kids Camp (Kansai Region) (Note 3) ", and as a partner of the "Spo-iku (Note 4) " program.

Note 1
Blind Football; An official Paralympic sport since 2004, blind football is played by four players wearing blindfold and one goalkeeper, guided by the sound of the rolling ball and the voices of players and a guide. In Japan, blindfolded people with normal sight (Note 2) are able to play blind football together with visually impaired people. Only players with a B1 level visual impairment (defined as no vision up to light perception) are able to play in official international matches. The blind football population in Japan, including that of low vision futsal, is about 450.
Note 2
People with normal sight; People without visual impairment. Although such people may have had visual correction due to nearsightedness, farsightedness or presbyopia, they are defined as having normal sight so long as their corrected vision is sufficient to lead a normal life.
Note 3
Kids Camp; Kids camp provides an opportunity for children with visual impairment to experience sports and to enjoy sports on a daily basis on occasions other than through the school curriculum. It also serves as an opportunity to discover and develop children with visual impairment aspiring to become blind football players.
Santen supports Kids Camp in Kansai Region.
Note 4
Spo-iku; Diversity education program for schools, designed to teach the importance of communications and respect for individual personalities among children through interactions with people with visual impairment and experience of playing sports blindfolded.