Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Santenís Partnership

Santenís PartnershipSanten is the leading pharmaceutical company in the Japanese prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical market and has a strong presence in the European and Asian markets. As a specialized pharmaceutical company in the ophthalmic field, Santen is dedicated to improving peopleís eyesight and well-being.
Aiming to become a "Specialized Pharmaceutical Company with a Global Presence", Santen understands the importance of cooperating with our partners. It has developed and is maintaining a good relationship with many pharmaceutical companies, biotech ventures, and scientific institutes through partnering and investing.

Our Approach

Santen considers licensing and alliances as a key strategy to enriching our pipeline. Our long history as a specialized company in the ophthalmology field with an experienced business development team enables us to offer our partners the best way to reach a successful goal together. Santen is also dedicated to supporting biotech companies with research stage innovation in platform technologies, gene/cell therapies, device and drug delivery systems, bio markers, etc. by co-investing with other venture capitals.