Santen's Vision

To Develop Santen into a Specialized Pharmaceutical Company with a Global Presence by 2020

To benefit patients and their loved ones, we have decided on the following long term strategic vision: Developing Santen into a Specialized Pharmaceutical Company with a Global Presence by 2020. We are stepping forward to becoming a company that is truly recognized worldwide and trusted by medical professionals, patients, their loved ones, and society at large.

Initiatives to Realize Santen's Vision

Carrying Out the Values and Realizing the Vision

Promote Globally Oriented Research and Development.

To launch new products that meet global needs for medical treatment in a timely manner, Santen has relocated its clinical development base from Japan to the United States. Under this new system, we will promote our research and development activities from a global perspective.

Obtain High Domestic Market Share and Achieve Growth through the Promotion of New Products and the Implementation of Marketing Strategies.

To forge a strong position in the Japanese market and enhance Santen's presence in Japan, we will develop products that satisfy unmet medical needs of patients, and build our original marketing strategies. To this end, we will take advantage of our mature organizational structure that focuses on patients' needs, as well as the robust ties of mutual trust with medical professionals that Santen has built over the past 120 years.

Accelerate Growth in Both Asia and Europe by Reinforcing Marketing Platforms.

To grow our business significantly, we will reinforce our marketing systems in Asia and Europe, particularly in rapidly growing markets in Asia, as well as emerging markets in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Establish a Global Product Supply System with Our Existing Four Plants, Which Enables Us to Meet Emerging Market Needs.

In addition to the Shiga Plant and the Noto Plant in Japan, Santen has established the Suzhou Plant in China as a production base for the Asian market, along with the Tampere Plant in Finland, which supplies Santen's products to the European market. Based on this four-plant structure, we will improve our production efficiency and ensure the stable supply of products that meet the specific needs of the respective regions.

Develop Talents and Organizational Capabilities to Promote "Creation and Innovation" on a Global Level.

Santen will work to foster employees' creativity by cultivating a corporate culture that encourages employees to hold frank and open discussions and to inspire each other. We will engage in our business on a global basis, keeping in our minds that our mission is to fulfill Santen's Values.