Sales & Marketing

Global Sales and Marketing Strategies

Meeting the Needs of Patients Worldwide


At Santen, we are dedicated to building a better society by helping patients and their loved ones around the world. Based on this mission, our work primarily focuses on marketing activities to offer patients the treatments they need, and on academic endeavors to spread knowledge for the advancement of health care. We are in the process of expanding sales so we can deliver medications to a wider range of countries and regions. We currently manage 13 branches in 10 countries. We have major operations in the emerging markets of Asian countries including China, Eastern Europe and Russia, which are experiencing rapid growth, and in developed countries such as Germany. As your partner in eye care, we do our best to become an integral part of the local community and offer high-quality information provision services in every region.

MR Activities

Helping to Improve the QOL of Patients through Strong Partnerships with Doctors


Since pharmaceuticals have a significant impact on human life and the quality of life of individual patients, MRs(*1) of pharmaceutical companies must have professional skills to provide accurate information on the pharmaceuticals they offer. Santen has MRs in Japan, Asia and Europe who have studied pharmaceuticals, diseases and therapies, pharmacodynamics, pharmaceutics, and related legal systems.

Representing a company specializing in the pharmaceutical business in the field of ophthalmology worldwide in Japan, Santen’s MRs provide information on diverse areas in accordance with the needs of individual doctors.

For instance, they provide information on the latest examination, diagnosis, and treatment methods, along with information on various diseases and products. In addition, our MRs also conduct post-marketing surveillance and collect data about Santen’s products that have been prescribed for patients, in order to confirm their safety and further enhance their value. Through their efforts to provide medical institutions and patients with the desired products and services, the MR contributes to improving the quality of life (QOL) of patients.

  1. Medical Representative, or staff member of a pharmaceutical company who visits medical professionals and provides medical information.

Marketing Activities

To Offer Better Treatments to All Patients in the World


With the widespread use of visual display terminals (VDTs(*2)), people today use their eyes more intensely than ever before. As a result, the number of patients with dry eye syndrome and other new eye diseases is increasing. Yet, many people do not regard dry eye as a disease. In fact, many patients do not recognize their symptoms until the disease becomes serious. While Santen works to develop new drugs to treat such new diseases, the Company also offers disease information through diverse media, including TV commercials, websites, posters, and pamphlets, so as to encourage more patients to more accurately learn about their disease and to go see their doctor.

At the same time, taking advantage of our accumulated knowledge in the ophthalmic field, as well as our partnerships with medical professionals, Santen plans and organizes seminars, lectures, and research meetings in joint efforts with leading doctors known as KOLs(*3). On such occasions, Santen strives to promote a better understanding of emerging diseases, their diagnosis criteria and available therapies. We actively encourage exchange and sharing of relevant information and opinions among doctors so as to ensure that any patient can access quality-assured treatments anytime, anywhere.

  1. Visual Display Terminals, such as personal computers, cell phones, and computer game machines
  2. Key Opinion Leaders, or doctors who are influential in various fields relating to medical services