Product Supply

The mission of the Santen Group is to manufacture and stably supply about 400 million high quality ophthalmic solutions per year, in order to contribute to the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients throughout the world.

Global Product Supply System

The Santen Group has established a global supply system comprising our four production bases located worldwide, i.e., the Noto Plant (Japan), the Shiga Plant (Japan), the Suzhou Plant (China), and the Tampere Plant (Finland), thereby supplying high quality ophthalmic solutions stably.

See below for the details of our four-plant global supply system.

Meticulous Attention to Quality

The Santen Group pays meticulous attention to "water," "air" and "people" in order to guarantee safety, efficacy and homogeneity in the manufacturing process for products centered on ophthalmic solutions.

Production Site for Improving Access to Pharmaceuticals

To provide many more patients with quality prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals at appropriate prices, in August 2016 Santen founded Chongqing Santen Kerui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Chongqing Kerui Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd., which is a state-owned company with a history of over 100 years. We are constructing a plant that will follow our high standards for quality requirements, in western China, where there have been few joint venture projects with pharmaceutical manufacturers based outside China. We aim to contribute to the ophthalmic treatment of many more patients in China, by pursuing high product quality at low cost and providing better access to pharmaceuticals for patients who have been unable to afford pharmaceuticals for economic or other reasons.

A drawing of the completed plant