Sales and Marketing

The Santen Group continues to contribute to the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients around the world by providing valuable products and services to healthcare professionals, patients and the public according to Santen's Values.

Medical Representatives Utilizing Our Organizational Capabilities

Our medical representatives (MRs) visit almost all of the 14,000 ophthalmologists in Japan, and provide information on our extensive product line up as well as the medical and pharmaceutical information we accumulate as a specialty pharmaceutical company, in order to identify various needs. Based on the needs at actual medical settings, we provide information, for example, on disease awareness or the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals, with the aim of enhancing patients' Quality of Life (QOL). As part of such efforts, we offer a variety of tools to our customers, including brochures or DVDs on diseases or treatments for patients.

Furthermore, we organize teams that specifically cover university hospitals located in the Tokyo metropolitan district and the Kansai district, thereby obtaining the latest treatment and disease information available at university hospitals, to pass the information swiftly on to ophthalmologists for their benefit. We also provide information in cooperation with our R&D division to address more specialized needs of ophthalmologists.

Various tools we provide for healthcare professionals in Japan

Activities to Prevent Vision Loss due to Glaucoma

Introducing a glaucoma treatment continuation program

Glaucoma is the leading cause of vision loss in Japan. A challenge concerning glaucoma is that many patients with this almost symptomless disease discontinue their medical treatment. As a measure to address this challenge, we provide medical institutions with a support package that encourages patients to continue receiving medical treatment. By the end of FY2017, we had provided about 1,500 medical institutions with this package.

This initiative, implemented preliminarily at 11 medical institutions, has helped increase the percentage of glaucoma patients who continue to receive treatment from about 50% to about 90%.

Offering support for awareness-raising activities for early detection

The World Glaucoma Association and the World Glaucoma Patients Association play leading roles in performing various knowledge-sharing activities around the world for one week in March designated as the World Glaucoma Week, aiming to build public awareness of glaucoma. The Santen Group cosponsors worldwide activities for raising awareness of glaucoma. In 2018, Santen supported the following activities in Asia, Europe and Japan, in collaboration with ophthalmologists from glaucoma societies in various countries, for early detection of glaucoma.

  • Japan: Glaucoma awareness program involving the "Light Up in Green" campaign held at 70 landmarks around Japan and distribution of posters
  • Korea: Glaucoma awareness campaign utilizing posters for medical facilities and leaflets for patients
  • The Philippines: In-hospital education on glaucoma by the glaucoma society at 15 facilities
  • Thailand: Provision of testing materials for the glaucoma society
  • Finland: Public education programs on glaucoma offered in Tampere

The ferris wheel illuminated in green in Kobe City

Campaigns to Raise Public Awareness of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye is a modern-day disease whose concept was introduced to Japan around 1985. The number of potential patients with dry eye disease is estimated at 8 to 22 million in Japan. Of those only around 2 million are estimated to receive treatment prescribed by a doctor. The Santen Group aims to contribute to as many dry eye syndrome patients as possible by providing potential dry eye patients with the opportunities to accurately know and understand the disease and encouraging them to consult eye doctors and receive ophthalmic treatment. To accomplish the aim, we have continued to run campaigns to raise public awareness of dry eye syndrome, by sharing a wide range of information about the syndrome, and other means.

Provision of Information via Our Website

For Patients

Santen provides information not only on our products but also on symptoms, diagnoses and treatments of eye diseases via the "For Patients" tab on our website.

For Healthcare Professionals

In Japan, in order to timely provide information to address advancement in treatment technologies and diversified medical needs, Santen established Santen Medical Channel, a membership website for healthcare professionals. Santen Medical Channel includes an "Ophthalmologic Video Library" (Note) that provides videos on a variety of subjects including exams, diagnoses, treatments and surgery that can be viewed anywhere and at any time. Santen Medical Channel also provides information on products available in Japan, news on healthcare issues, and information useful to daily practice. We also send email newsletters to subscribers.

"Ophthalmologic Video Library": A library, planned by the Japan Ophthalmologists Association and sponsored by Santen, containing videos of ophthalmological science

Top page of Santen Medical Channel

Support for Academic Associations, Joint Sponsorship of Seminars, and Holding of Workshops

Santen Group supports academic associations in Japan and overseas, such as the World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC), the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO), and the Japanese Ophthalmological Society, and hold joint seminars with those academic associations in which we provide medical professionals with information about the latest research and treatment trends in the field of ophthalmology.

We also present workshops for cutting-edge researchers and young researchers from not only Japan but also Asia, Europe and the U.S., with the aim of promoting exchange among the researchers to share insights into diseases and treatments. We believe that promoting exchange among researchers will lead to the development of novel treatments and diagnostic methods.

At our symposium

Improvement of Our Products and Services Based on Valuable Customer Feedback

Valuable customer feedback received by our medical representatives (MRs), our Customer Information Service and other sections will be shared by our related departments. After fully examining the details, we will utilize the results in improving our products and services, thereby promoting the appropriate use of our products as well as sharing the insights among MRs to reflect the findings in our provision of pharmaceutical information.

Pursuing ideal bottle form

Santen Group believe that eye drop bottles are not mere containers, but essential tools for treatment. We have been working to create the ideal bottle form that patients find truly usable by listening to the voices of patients and medical professionals.

Case of improvement

Introducing plainer indications of storage methods and periods after the opening of aluminum packages

Our disposable pharmaceutical products are packaged in aluminum bags to maintain product quality. For some products, we have introduced indications of storage methods and periods after opening on the aluminum packages to impart necessary information plainly.

Improvement of the nozzles

In response to the feedback from our customers and healthcare professionals requesting improvement of the containers for Mucozome Ophthalmic Solution and Lacrimin Ophthalmic Solution due to the frequent spillage of drug solutions down the nozzle, we modified the shapes of the nozzles and spouts of the above products to prevent such spillage.

Before and after the improvement of the nozzles