Contribution to the Ophthalmic Field

The Santen Group will strive to improve the welfare of patients in the ophthalmic field as our specialty, to continue contribution to enhancing the patients' Quality of Life (QOL).

Contributing to Access to Healthcare

The Santen Group will continue contribution to improving access to healthcare for people with limited access to the healthcare they need due to poverty, an inadequate medical environment, or insurance systems.

Supporting the development of healthcare personnel

Resolving the shortage of ophthalmologists in developing countries

Santen has continually made donations since 2012 to support "Teaching the Teachers," a training program focused on educating the educators of ophthalmologists. This program is presented by the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO), the largest ophthalmic foundation in the world, with the aim of eliminating the shortage of ophthalmologists in developing countries.

"Teaching the teachers" program
(Photo provided by ICO Foundation)

Developing ophthalmologists in China

Santen Pharmaceutical (China) has supported the development of Chinese ophthalmic medicine and the education of young ophthalmologists by making donations to organizations such as the ophthalmic subcommittee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the China Medical Women's Association, and the ophthalmic subcommittee of the Chinese Medical Association which address development of young ophthalmologists in western China where ophthalmologists are insufficient. Furthermore, we provide continuing medical education and training for ophthalmologists in various locations around China, in collaboration with the ophthalmic subcommittee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Medical education for ophthalmologists with the ophthalmic subcommittee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Donations of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Supporting ophthalmic care activities in developing countries

Santen donates pharmaceuticals and medical devices such as intraocular lenses for groups which conduct ophthalmic care activities in developing countries.

Fiscal year Recipient
2017 Association for Ophthalmic Cooperation in Asia
Association for Ophthalmic Support in Africa
Japan Tanzania Eye Medical Support Team
Japan-Philippines Volunteer Medical Service Activities
Support for Ophthalmic Medicine in Nepal
2016 Association for Ophthalmic Cooperation in Asia
Association for Ophthalmic Support in Africa
Japan Tanzania Eye Medical Support Team
Japan-Philippines Volunteer Medical Service Activities
Association for Ophthalmic Support in South Pacific
2015 Association for Ophthalmic Cooperation in Asia
Asia Prevention of Blindness Association
Association for Ophthalmic Support in Africa
Japan Tanzania Eye Medical Support Team
Japan-Philippines Volunteer Medical Service Activities
Support for Ophthalmic Medicine in Nepal
Eye and ENT Association for the Himalayan
Association for Ophthalmic Support in South Pacific

Supporting provision of ophthalmic examination equipment

Santen Oy, Finland, has continued supporting a project in which ophthalmic examination equipment no longer needed due to their replacement with new equipment is offered to hospitals in Cuba, where medical equipment is still insufficient.

Providing opportunities for medical consultations

Supporting Ophthalmic Consultation/Cataract Surgery China

In June 2018, Santen Pharmaceutical (China) supported free consultation sessions and cataract surgery by ophthalmologists presented by the Health and Family Planning Commission of the Jing'an District, Shanghai, for people in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, to address their limited access to ophthalmic consultations due to poverty or shortage of ophthalmologists. We provided pharmaceuticals and intraocular lenses for free, and 37 employees volunteered to guide patients. About 420 people visited the venue of the ophthalmic consultation sessions on the day, and 35 people received cataract surgery and saw improvement in their vision.

During cataract surgery

Supporting dispatch teams of doctors

Santen Inc. provides continuous support for Help International, a nonprofit organization that dispatches private teams of doctors, pharmacists and volunteers to Guatemala, a country characterized by social instability and inadequate medical infrastructure.

Developing Researchers

Santen's Nara Research and Development Center operates the Functional Polymer Science Laboratory established in 2005 in collaboration with Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST). Serving as visiting professors, associate professors and collaborative research staff members, Santen's employees familiar with this field of specialty teach students who aim to become researchers. So far, this laboratory has produced 11 master's degree graduates and two PhD degree graduates.

In the laboratory

Supporting Sports for the Visually Impaired

Guided by Santen's Values, the Santen Group supports sports for people with visual impairment in order to promote society's understanding and interest in ophthalmic disorders and to foster an awareness of patient perspectives in employees.

Supporting Blind Football (in Japan)

Santen and the Japan Blind Football Association (JBFA) entered into a partnership agreement in March 2017. Santen sponsors the Japan National Men's and Women's Blind Football teams, supports activities which allow visually-impaired children who have few opportunities to exercise to engage in sports, and cosponsors a diversity education program for elementary and junior high schools. Santen, as a specialized company in the field of ophthalmology, will contribute to creating a unified, borderless society for all. In FY2017, 55 employee volunteers participated in kids camp and blind football event for visually impaired children, and operating blind football tournaments and championships.

Santen Blind Soccer Kids Camp in Kansai 2017 (July 2017)

Supporting Blind Tennis (in EMEA (Note) )

In EMEA, the Santen Group has agreed with the aim of the project "Rehabilitation of Blind and Visually Impaired People through Tennis Activities," which supports the active lives of blind and visually impaired people, and has provided assistance for activities through the project. This project led seven players to participate in the International Blind Tennis Tournament held in Spain in 2017.

EMEA; Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Playing blind tennis

Participating in Events Held by Support Organizations for the Visually Impaired

Santen participates in volunteer as guide for the visually impaired at events such as exhibition of daily necessities for the visually impaired, festivals and sports day held by support organizations for the visually impaired to foster an awareness of patient perspectives in employees. In Japan in FY2017, a total of 68 employees participated in those event.

Supporting Guide Dog Training

Donation and raising awareness for guide dog training (in Japan)

In Japan, approximately 1,000 guide dogs are at work throughout the country. However, it is estimated that at least 3,000 people are in need of a guide dog, and use of guide dogs has not yet spread under the current conditions. Since 2013, Santen has continuously made donations to fund guide dog training, resulting in five trained guide dogs. Additionally, vending machines are installed at our 4 operational sites, and part of the sales from the machines are donated for guide dog training. Every year, Nara Research and Development Center participates in the Takayama Science Town Festival. From the 2014 festival, we set up a space for an awareness raising campaign to share with the general public knowledge about necessary assistance for guide dogs and visually impaired persons and other related topics.

Sharing knowledge about guide dog training

Sponsoring Run for Light, an event for supporting guide dog training (in Singapore)

Santen Pharmaceutical Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore, participated as a vision care sponsor in Run for Light 2017, a running event for supporting the Guide Dog Association of the Blind based in Singapore. This event also included a Blindfold Walk, aimed at facilitating better understanding about visually impaired persons. Santen employees and ophthalmologists actively participated in this event.

Participants achieving goals

Supporting Activities to Prevent Vision Loss

Santen supports organizations tackling activities to prevent vision loss. We annually donate to and support the activities of: Helen Keller International, which provides medical activities for preventing eyesight loss in developing countries in Africa and Asia; the Japan National Society for the Prevention of Blindness, which engages in blindness-prevention activities in Japan; and the Japan Eye Bank Association, which promotes corneal transplantation.

Preventing eyesight loss by Helen Keller International
(Photo provided by Helen Keller International)

Contributing to Society through Awareness-Raising Activities

Supporting Free Ophthalmic Consultations/Awareness Activities in Shanghai, China

The Consumer Protection Committee of Shanghai, China, conducted face-to-face consultation sessions under the theme of "Focus on warm-heartedness and care for the elderly," commemorating the "Day for the Elderly" for showing respect to the aged, in October 2017. Attracting about 2000 visitors, the sessions not only provided free consultations by ophthalmologists but also included awareness activities on ophthalmic diseases such as cataracts. Volunteers from Santen Pharmaceutical (China) participated in this event to support the activities.

Free face-to-face consultations

Participating in activities to enhance public understanding and knowledge of tactile paving

In Japan, awareness-raising activities are conducted nationwide every year on March 18, designated as the "day of tactile paving," to promote understanding of the importance of tactile paving for visually impaired persons when walking. Santen's employees from operational sites in Noto, Shiga, Osaka, and Nara participate in these activities.

Employees participating in an activity to enhance public understanding about tactile paving