Donation Basic Policy and Distribution

The Santen Group promotes development in medicine related to its business fields, activities for enhancing welfare, and activities as a good corporate citizen, based on its basic policy on donations.

Donation Basic Policy

The Santen Group has formulated Donation Rules, to clarify the basic policy on donation in accordance with Santen's Values and the procedure to be followed in making donations, and to continuously make social contribution as a corporate citizen.

Extract from "Donation Rules -Basic policy-"

Following Santen's Values -"By focusing on ophthalmology, Santen develops unique scientific knowledge and organizational capabilities that contribute to the well-being of patients, their loved ones and consequently society"- Santen makes donations as part of our duties as a corporate citizen, focusing on the fields of development of ophthalmic medical science, pharmacology, and medical care, and knowledge-sharing about diseases, prevention of loss of eyesight, and welfare. Additionally, Santen makes donations commensurate with our status to social and public welfare activities, etc., arranged by economic or industrial organizations to which Santen belongs, similar activities in areas where its major business outlets are located, and humanitarian aid, etc. in response to large-scale natural disasters.

Donation Distribution

The Santen Group donates to research institutions including universities, academic societies, and research groups of specialists, mainly in fields related to the "eyes," with the aim of contributing to the development of medicine and pharmacology and to health care. Santen also donates continually to the promotion of corneal transplantation, activities to prevent eyesight loss in developing countries conducted by health care professionals and NGOs in and outside Japan, activities to support the self-reliance of the visually impaired, and disease awareness campaigns conducted by ophthalmic societies and public-interest incorporated foundations. As a corporate citizen, Santen also contributes to disaster assistance and local community activities. In March 2017, Santen also started assistance for sports for the visually impaired. The donations and contributions made by Santen Group in FY2017 reached 596 million yen, which is equivalent to 1.3% of consolidated core operating profits.