To pass on a beautiful planet to the generations that follow, the Santen Group recognizes that biodiversity is the basis for a healthy global environment, and promotes activities to protect and preserve the global environment.

Forest Conservation Activities

Because appropriate forest conservation contributes to not only facilitating the absorption of CO2 but also maintaining the rich natural environment and headwater conservation capacity, leading to the protection of biodiversity, Santen Group engages in forest conservation activities.

Activities of Noto Plant

Noto Plant supports the Environmental Education Project to conserve nature at Mt. Hodatsu, organized by the board of education of Hodatsushimizu Town, the local government of the area where it is located. Santen employees participate in the project as helpers by leading local students in mountain climbing and cleaning. Santen participates in tree-planting and other activities as a member of an association aimed at conserving water resources and forests at Mt. Hodatsu.

Local students are cleaning in the mountain.

Activities of Shiga Product Supply Center

Santen employees participate in events held by a Shiga Prefecture-based NPO to offer practical training on the management and use of satoyama forests and other matters.

Employees are taking training on the use of satoyama forests.

Supporting the construction of forest seawalls

Santen supports the Chinju no Mori Project, a public interest incorporated foundation, which was established to construct "forest seawalls that protect lives" in coastal areas devastated by tsunamis caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake by building five-meter-tall embankments with a mixture of tsunami debris and earth and planting broadleaved trees on the embankments. We made donations every year from FY2013, contributing to the planting of a total of 600 saplings planted as of FY2017.

Local Environmental Clean-up Activities

To contribute to the cleaning up and beautification of local environments, Santen's offices, laboratories and plants, including the Noto Plant, the Shiga Product Supply Center and the Shimoshinjo Office, conduct clean-up activities in collaboration with local governments and regional organizations. In FY2017, a total of 475 employees participated in these activities.

Employees are participating in clean-up activities.