Environmental Management

The Santen Group has established environmental conservation system integrated into business activities and operates environmental management system in order to protect and preserve the global environment, and pass on a beautiful planet to the generations that follow

Information on environmental management is disclosed in the Environmental Data Book.

Environmental Management System

The Santen Group has established environmental conservation systems integrated with business activities at all Group companies. We address various environmental challenges and promote environmental conservation initiatives through every single employee's autonomous activities and promotes efforts to contribute to achievement of a low-carbon and recycling-based society. At the operational sites in Noto and Shiga, we have acquired ISO 14001 certification, which is the international standard for environmental management systems, and conduct environmental audits.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certifications

Organization Area Acquisition date
As integrated organization
Shiga Product Supply Center
Noto Plant
Claire Co., Ltd
Production of pharmaceuticals
Cleaning of sterilized and antidust clothing
December 2014

Environmental Audit

Each workplace takes the initiative in conducting regular internal audits to check whether the environmental management system is appropriately operated. Additionally, Santen accepts on-the-spot audits by commissioned companies of the process of commissioned production, providing good opportunities to learn about other companies' efforts, and contributing to improving our environmental measures.

Grasping the Overview of Environmental Impact and Environmental Accounting

Santen grasps the overview of environmental impact, comprised of input such as energy usage, input of materials, and input of water resources, and output such as release into the air and water, and the release of waste and other materials. Santen also grasps and analyzes the costs of environmental conservation efforts (investments and costs) and their effects (economic effects and environmental conservation effects) to promote effective activities for mitigating environmental impact.

Santen's non-consolidated environmental conservation costs of FY2017 include a total investment of 1.0 million yen and a total cost of 345.6 million yen, leading to 84.8 million yen of economic effects produced through environmental conservation.

Environment-related accidents and complaints

There was no accident that causes environmental pollution, i.e. soil contamination, and no infraction of laws or regulations related environmental issues, at our business sites in Japan or other countries in FY2017.