Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The Santen Group will proactively incorporate diverse individuals and values, irrespective of nationality, age, or beliefs, thereby enhancing our business activities and corporate value.

Employment data such as diversity of human resources and work-life balance is disclosed in the Employment and Human Resources Data.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The Santen Group has established the "Santen Group Diversity & Inclusion Policy" in order to promote and develop diversity & Inclusion globally.

Santen Group Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Delivering "Happiness with Vision" to people by orchestrating diverse talents

Based on our CORE PRINCIPLE, the Santen Group actively aims to incorporate diverse views inside and outside the Group to demonstrate its organizational excellence, meet the diverse eye-related needs of people around the world, and ultimately deliver people's "Happiness with Vision."

For that purpose, we are committed to uphold, respect and accept individuals with diverse backgrounds in terms of nationality, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious faith, creed, experience, specialty, values, lifestyle, and others. Our aim is to create a workplace environment that ensures psychological safety so that every employee can feel safe to be themselves and fully exercise his or her capabilities and translate the diverse talents into organizational excellence to accomplish the greatest results.

Three pillars of diversity and inclusion (D&I)

The Santen Group will promote D&I initiatives on the pillars of (1) Favorable Organization Culture Development, (2) Knowledge and Skill Improvement, and (3) System Development and Implementation. We believe that the synergetic effects of the three pillars will enable us to orchestrate the capabilities of diverse individuals into our organizational prowess to the maximum.

  • Favorable Organization Culture Development
    We aim to create an organizational climate and culture in which every individual can exercise his or her capabilities to the fullest and where diverse talent inside and outside the company is sought after and nurtured.
  • Knowledge and Skill Improvement
    We encourage and support every individual to acquire wisdom and improve their knowledge and skills in order to maximize our organizational excellence through collaboration and cooperation while taking advantage of the diverse characteristics of employees.
  • System Development and Implementation
    We establish a flexible work management system that supports diverse work styles and preferences.

Established: September, 2020

Promoting Diversity

The Santen Group is working to build an organization and people that enables employees with a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds to maximize their abilities, regardless of age, gender, nationality or presence of disability, based on Diversity & Inclusion Policy. We also provide our employees with equal opportunities for compensation without discrimination. The ratio of female in Santen Group is 41% at the end of March 2020.

Due to the global expansion of our business, the percentage of our overseas employees at the end of March 2020 reached 51%. Overseas employees who are promoted to executive positions have also been increasing.

Promoting Women's Participation and Advancement

The Santen Group believes that promoting an appropriate balance of work and life will improve concentration on work and productivity regardless of gender, thereby leading to the development of human resources and the company itself. In Santen Group, the percentage of females in management positions reached 33% at the end of March 2020.

In Japan, as a result of past efforts, in FY2019 the percentage of females in management positions is 12.6%. This ratio has increased by 2.7 percentage points compared to FY2015.

Following the enforcement in Japan of the Act on Promoting Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace in April 2016, we have devised the action plan for the second stage from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022. We then set targets and formulated an action plan to create and promote an environment for employees to achieve appropriate balance between their work and life, and have been working on it.

[Targets of Action Plan for the Second Stage]

  1. Further reduction of overtime work
    1. Average monthly reduction of 5% per person compared to FY2018
    2. No one working overtime of more than 45 hours a month
  2. Promotion of taking time off from work
    1. Average acquisition rate of annual paid leave: 70% or more per employee
    2. Annual paid leave: at least 6 days for each employee
    3. Parental leave rate: 50% for each male employee
  3. Promotion of work-life integration
    1. Expansion of telework operations
    2. Full introduction of a work interval system
    3. Introduction of a childcare short flex system

Providing an Easy-to-Work Environment for Persons with Disabilities

Santen not only promotes the employment of persons with disabilities but also provides them with a working environment where they can work lively. Claire, a special subsidiary company established to facilitate the employment of persons with disabilities, located on the premises of Shiga Product Supply Center, was established in 1997 with the aim of "proactively fulfilling the corporate social responsibility of expanding opportunities to employ persons with disabilities as well as to provide opportunities and places for them to find their life and work meaningful." Claire's main line of business is the cleaning of sterilized garments and dust-free garments. While Claire's main clients are Santen's Noto Plant and Shiga Plant, the company also accepts orders from other companies.

Claire supports various activities and efforts of persons with disabilities, including by providing opportunities for training sessions and encouraging employees to take part in the Abilympics, nationwide skill competitions for persons with disabilities.

Employees at Claire are working.

Claire got certified as a company which persons with disabilities work actively by Japan Association of Employers of Persons with Severe Disabilities, which is a trustee organization entrusted to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in January 2019. The reason of the certification was that it was recognized for its implementing advanced initiatives to provide a work environment for supporting the retention of persons with disabilities, promoting proactively and continually hiring persons with disabilities, and having reliability and sociality.

The certification mark as a company which persons with disabilities work actively

The employment rate of persons with disabilities at Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in June 2020 was 2.62% and this is above the legal employment rate.

Systems to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

By adopting the following systems, Santen strives to create a working environment where employees can make the best use of their abilities regardless of their life stage or gender, with full, mutual respect for their diverse values, and can also achieve a good work-life balance while performing their duties effectively and efficiently.

  • Childcare leave:
    The childcare leave system allows employees to take leave until their child reaches the age of one year and six months, or the age of two years.
    All female employees to whom the childcare leave system applies have used this type of leave, and all system users have returned to work.
  • Short working hours for childcare:
    The short working hours for childcare system allows employees raising a child up to the third grade of elementary school to reduce their working hours.
  • Nursing care leave, and short working hours for nursing care:
    If an employee needs to provide nursing care for a family member certified for long-term care, the nursing care leave system allows him/her to take leave or reduce his/her working hours.
  • Annual paid leave acquisition credits:
    A system that allows employees to take annual paid leave in half a day or a quarter day
  • Volunteer leave:
    The volunteer leave system allows employees to take leave to participate in volunteer activities.
  • Flextime:
    The flextime system allows employees to decide the times when they start and cease working.
  • Teleworking:
    This working style allows employees to work at home or at in-house operational sites other than their regular workplace, or in other places, without limitations on the place of work.
  • Career comeback:
    This career comeback system allows employees who leave the company due to such as childcare, nursing care and spouse's job transfer to be provided with opportunity to return to work after the reason is resolved.

Employee Welfare and Benefit System

Santen has introduced a wide variety of employee welfare and benefit systems: asset-building support systems such as employee stock ownership and asset-building savings; systems to support employees in child or family care according to their life stage, including leave and shortened working hours; medical examinations on many items, which help employees continue to work in good shape; and survivor's pensions.