Supplier Management

The Santen Group efforts to build healthy relationships with suppliers and ensures that not only the Santen Group but also our suppliers fulfill their social responsibilities, including compliance and ethical action, environmental conservation, health and safety for employees, and so on.

Supplier Assessment for the Condition of Environment, Health and Safety

The Santen Group aims to fulfill our corporate social responsibility throughout the entire process of the production and supply of pharmaceuticals. We issued documents to our suppliers to present the standards that we require them to meet, and to confirm the current condition. In FY2017, we confirmed 20 major pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers and outsourced manufacturers, and there were no problems.

Supply Chain Risk Management

To continue steadily supplying our products even if our supply chain faces various risks, including those of accidents, natural disasters, and climate change, we in the Santen Group implement various measures for risk management throughout our supply chain, such as building a backup system with multiple plants and procuring raw materials from multiple suppliers.

Building Healthy Relationships with Suppliers

With the belief that our suppliers are our partners essential for providing patients with medical and pharmaceutical products and the like, Santen strives to enhance our product quality and carry out improvements to cut prime costs through mutual exchanges and cooperation, as well as complying with the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, and maintaining the secrecy of provided information, with the aim of building relationships that enable both parties to develop in a sustainable manner.

Santen has internal regulations, including the Regulations on Purchasing Management, providing that the selection of suppliers requires making competitive estimates and comprehensively evaluating candidates in terms of product quality, delivery periods, managerial reliability, etc. Concerning the prevention of conflict of interest, the Code of Conduct in the Santen Code of Practice provides against the receipt of profits provided by business partners.

We are holding meeting with our business partners.