CCO Message

Based on Santen's Values, Contribute to the Achievement of a Sustainable Society

Since its founding in 1890, Santen has contributed to society through improving the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients around the world by conducting business activities which provide valuable products and services as a specialized company in the field of ophthalmology, based on Santen's Values. In other words, we have put social contribution by business activities at the center of our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

To further enhance our CSR activities as the Santen Group, we believe that it is most important that all our employees, including a wide variety of diverse histories and cultural backgrounds, have a deep understanding of Santen's Values and conduct business activities with the highest ethical standards in accordance with not only laws and regulations but also international norms. As the globalization of our business continues to accelerate, we will work to share Santen's Values across the whole group and also business partners toward sustainable society, ensure compliance, and seriously and continuously address issues such as global warming and human rights abuses.

Masamichi Sato
Senior Corporate Officer
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Head of CSR & Internal Control Division