CSR Basic Policy and Promotion System

The Santen Group promotes CSR activities based on Santen's CSR basic policy to continue our contribution to society through improving Quality of Life (QOL) of patients around the world.

CSR Basic Policy

CSR Basic Policy
  • Guided by Santen's Values- "Tenki ni sanyo suru (Note) ", Santen Group strives to continue our contribution to society through improving Quality of Life (QOL) of patients around the world by conducting business activities which provide valuable products and services.
  • In highly ethical manner, we conduct business activities in compliance with applicable laws and international norms, and fulfill our social responsibilities, together with our business partners.
"Tenki ni sanyo suru": Santen's original interpretation of a passage from chapter 22 of Zhongyong (The Doctrine of the Mean) by Confucius, meaning "Exploring the secrets and mechanisms of nature in order to contribute to people's health"

The Santen Group positions contributions to our society through its business as the central focus of its social responsibility. As a specialized ophthalmic company, we develop products that can satisfy unmet needs, and provide products, services and information that can fulfil various local needs, with the aim of preserving the vision of people around the world. We believe that our responsibility as a specialized ophthalmic company requires us to not only support the widespread adoption and development of ophthalmic treatments around the world, including emerging countries, improve access to medicines, and develop orphan medicinal products, but also provide affordable drugs for patients who otherwise could not receive ophthalmic treatments for economic reasons.

In addition, in carrying out such business, we will comply with both legal regulations and international norms in a highly ethical manner, and fulfil our social responsibilities together with our business partners by addressing issues concerning "fair business," "human rights," "labor, occupational health and safety," "the environment," "good corporate citizenship," and "stakeholder engagement."

Conceptual diagram of Santen Group's CSR

Fair Business Comply with laws, regulations, and fair business practices applicable to the countries and territories where we conduct business activities, and work against corruption in all its forms.
Respect and protect the human rights of all people, including patients and employees.
Health & Safety
Secure the rights and safety of people engaged in our business, promote their better health, and maintain and improve their workplace environments.
Environment Work on preventing environmental pollution, reducing environmental loads, and utilizing resources effectively.
Strive to protect and preserve the planet in a sustainable manner.
Act as a good corporate citizen to develop medical care and welfare in the ophthalmic field through our business, and to build trust relationships with related communities and contribute to their development.
Actively disclose information about our business activities and have meaningful dialogues, to understand the expectations of stakeholders and reflect them in our efforts.

CSR Promotion System

The Santen Group has established a CSR Committee, which comprises the Santen President and COO as Chair and corporate officers in charge of the relevant divisions. Based on Santen's Values, the CSR Basic Policy, the group's strategies and social issues, the CSR Committee sets CSR-related policies and targets for our entire group, and monitors the progress of our CSR activities.

Under the leadership of the CSR Committee, in Japan we have the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee, which comprises the managers of our large-scale business facilities, including a plant and a research center, and three subcommittees, dedicated, respectively, to environmental conservation, health and safety, and fire and disaster risk management.

Medium-term CSR Initiatives

We currently devote focused efforts to the following initiatives:

  • Promotion of group-wide common education
    We establish and conduct group-wide common educational programs so that all Santen employees can share the same understanding of the Santen Group's essential values and philosophy, represented by Santen's Values and the Santen Code of Practice, and act in a highly ethical manner.
  • Promotion of human resource diversity
    With the belief that human resource diversity is essential for the vigor of our organization, we will promote its diversity based on a full understanding of the realities in the countries/regions where we operate, and further upgrade our working environment to ensure that diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their own abilities there.
  • Efforts to tackle environmental issues
    To tackle environmental issues, such as climate change, we are currently making efforts to achieve the environmental targets set for FY2020. We have also begun to set next medium-term targets for 2030 from a longer-term perspective.
  • Involvement of our business partners in our CSR activities
    We believe that risk management for business continuity and contribution to the sustainable development of the entire society require us to involve our partners in CSR activities, instead of limiting our efforts within the Santen Group. We now mainly monitor the status of the environmental measures and the health and safety measures implemented by our major suppliers, including suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients and contract manufacturers. We will broaden the scope of partners that are subject to our monitoring, and also extend the scope itself to social issues in general, including human rights and labor issues.

CSR Training

Santen provides CSR training for new employees and newly appointed managerial staff to enhance employees' understanding of and spread knowledge of CSR. Training for new employees is provided every time new employees join the company, which occurs almost every month, while training for newly appointed managerial staff is provided twice a year, in September and March. Santen also strives to share knowledge about our CSR principles by imparting new information in a timely manner using newsletters via the internal portal site and the e-learning system.

New employees are taking CSR training.

Corporate Governance

For details on basic approach, management system, basic policy and report relating to corporate governance, see the following item.

February 2018, Santen was selected for the winner of the Corporate Governance of the year 2017 by the Japan Association of Corporate Directors as a company which have achieved and maintained long term profitability by implementing good corporate governance.

Risk Management and Assessment

To avoid risks to the continuity of our business, the Santen Group established the Risk Management Committee, which holds two meetings per year. This Committee conducts risk assessment once every two years to comprehensively identify group-wide risks, including production, quality, human rights and corruption risks. Assessment conducted in cooperation with an external research company in 2017 found neither major violations of compliance nor major cases of injustice, verifying that Santen had maintained a corporate climate and environment generally favorable to preventing such problems.