Human Resource Development

The Santen Group regards the development of human resources as a key and promotes it to "contribute to society, particularly to patients and their loved ones around the world, through the provision of valuable products and services."

Organizational and Human Resource Development Based on Santen's Values

Based on Santen's Values, we have defined Santen Leadership Competencies (hereinafter, "SLC"), a set of competencies we expect all Santen Group organizations and employees to obtain. We aim to provide opportunities for employees who demonstrate the competencies at work, in order to reward them for their achievements and develop a corporate culture that enables employees to enhance their capabilities together based on their shared values and diversity. We position the SLC as the core of capability development and career planning for every single employee. Employees are expected to boost their careers and improve themselves by implementing the practices clearly defined in the SLC.

Human Resource Development through Management by Objectives

In the Santen Group, every employee has discussions with his/her supervisor to set objectives by reconciling organizational goals, twice a year, at the beginning of each semiannual term. At the end of the relevant term, employees are evaluated based on their level of objective achievement. To help employees attain their objectives, their supervisors support them in capability development by meeting them face-to-face in the middle of the relevant term to give them advice and other means, aiming to enable them to feel a sense of achievement and improvement.

Efforts for Employee Capability Development

Santen provides "job grade based training" for all new employees and all newly appointed staff members, and "business skill training" for all employees, for the purpose of developing employees' capabilities.

Job grade based training is aimed at allowing trainees to recognize their expected roles according to their rank and clearly define their improvement goals through becoming aware of gaps between their expected roles and their current situation. The aggregate length of job grade based training sessions in FY2017 was 7,033 hours. Business skill training provides a wide range of subjects from which employees can choose according to the SLC items and business skills they wish to enhance, along with multiple accesses including online classes and e-learning. Santen also has a system for supporting employees' self-development. Based on this system, the company reimburses all or half of the fees for company-certified language or business skill courses that employees have chosen to enroll in for the purpose of self-development.

Meister System

Since FY2017, Santen's Manufacturing Division has introduced the Meister System, an employee evaluation and treatment system uniquely employed in the Noto Plant and the Shiga Product Supply Center, Japan, with the aim of enhancing manufacturing operators' skills and motivation. Among the qualified candidates who have met the in-house criteria, the employees who have high levels of skills, achievements, experiences and trust from their subordinates, while performing "Individual Action Principles" that comprise Santen's Values, are certified as Meisters. To date, four employees have been certified as Meisters.

Supporting Employees in Preparing for Retirement

In Japan, Santen offers retiring employees three options: using the reemployment system, receiving the job-hunting support service, or receiving financial aid for job training and also provides job-hunting support after the period of reemployment. We also provide employees who are about to retire with career design training to allow them to understand reemployment, pension and other systems, as well as changes in the employment environment, and consider a life plan after retirement. We have thus established the employee support system to enable all employees to work for many years without worry.