Relationship with Stakeholders

The Santen Group performs stakeholder dialogue because we think it is important to gain diverse views through such dialogue in order to reflect a wide range of views on our CSR activities.

Communication with Stakeholders

Distribution of Added Value to Stakeholders

The Santen Group emphasizes dialogue with stakeholders and appropriate distribution of added value gained through our business to our stakeholders.

Distribution of added value by stakeholder for FY2019 is as follows.

Stakeholders Amount (Millions of yen) Calculation method of the amount
Shareholders 10,379 Dividends
Employees 42,188 Employee benefit costs (salaries, bonuses, and retirement benefits and so on)
Creditors (financial institutions) 190 Interests
Business partners 126,003 Cost of sales, selling, general and administrative expenses (deducting employee benefit expenses)
Government agencies (national and local) 10,377 Income tax expenses
Local communities 733 Expenses of donations
Environment 262 Expenses in environmental conservation costs

"Environment" above indicates the amount contributed by Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and the rest by the Santen Group.

Enhance Information Disclosure

The Santen Group seeks to enhance information disclosure with the aim of establishing stakeholder engagement.

Disclosure of information relating to our business performance and financial conditions

Information relating to our business performance and financial conditions, including Medium-Term Management Plans, materials presented at financial results meetings, financial statements, annual reports, and the conditions of our product development, is disclosed at our meetings or in our reports as well as on our website.

Disclosure of information relating to CSR activities

CSR website provides detailed information on CSR activities based on Santen's CORE PRINCIPLE. In addition to report on the four ESG materiarities; "Maintenance and Enhancement of Trust in Products and Services," "Encouragement of an Organizational Culture that Promotes Value Creation," "Reinforcement of Governance and Prevention of Corruption" and "Conservation of the Global Environment," we introduce our efforts on "Contribution to the Ophthalmology," "Building Inclusive Society" and "Stakeholder Engagement." We also disclose Environmental Date Book and Employment and Human Resources Data. This CSR website covers FY2019 and may include other periods as needed.

Response to Inquiries from Customers

In Japan, Santen established the Customer Information Service to addressing inquiries from customers. The number of inquiries has increased year by year to 10,794 in FY2019. The subjects of inquiries include diseases (24.1%), the quality and packaging of prescription/OTC pharmaceutical products (17.3%), and safety and usage precautions of pharmaceuticals (18.8%). We also received suggestions for improving our products and services.

We address inquiries relating to safety and products by collaborating with departments in charge of safety management and/or quality assurance, in order to promptly and properly collect information and provide such information for customers to promote appropriate use of our products. We address inquiries relating to safety and products by collaborating with departments in charge of safety management and/or quality assurance, in order to promptly and properly collect information and provide such information for customers to promote appropriate use of our products.

Communication with Investors and Shareholders

Communication opportunities

We hold quarterly financial results announcement meetings or conference calls for analysts and institutional investors. We also proactively participate in domestic conferences, small meetings and announcement meetings presented by securities companies for individual investors. Furthermore, we frequently participate in overseas conferences for investors and visit our investors and shareholders.

Financial results announcement meeting

General meetings of shareholders

In order to provide opportunities for as many shareholders as possible to participate in our general meetings of shareholders, we set the dates of the meetings so as to avoid periods during which such meetings are concentrated. Furthermore, for the benefit of shareholders who cannot attend our general meetings, we provide them with opportunities to exercise their voting rights by mail as well as online. In order to ensure that our investors and shareholders have sufficient time to examine the agenda of our general meeting, we not only send our convocation notices one week earlier than required by law but also disclose the notices on our website prior to sending them.

Employee Engagement Survey

We at the Santen Group believe that the fulfillment of Santen's Vision and continuing sustainable growth require all Santen employees to share a deep understanding of Santen's Values and Vision, have more trust and confidence in Santen, and take action to fulfill Santen's Vision by putting Santen's Values into practice, while also acting more proactively through collaboration and cooperation. In October 2017, we conducted a global engagement survey targeting all Santen Group employees in Japan and abroad as respondents, to grasp the state of their engagement based on Santen's Values and Vision and increase such engagement. We will take measures to solve challenges identified from the survey results.

Dialogue with the Employee Union

The Santen Group has joined the United Nations Global Compact, and engages in dialogues with employee unions based on a full understanding of the compact's aims. All Santen employees except corporate executives and some managerial personnel belong to the employee union in Japan. At the end of March 2020, the number of union members is 1,375, which accounts for 70% of the total number of employees. The labor agreement that the Employee Union has concluded with the company clearly provides that the company shall provide a place for discussions at the Management Council to enhance smooth business operations and labor-management communication concerning union members' welfare and working conditions, and that the company shall explain management policy, changes in the organizational structure and staff organization, budget and financial situation and so on at the Management Council.

With regard to occupational health and safety, each Santen operational site holds a meeting of the Health and Safety Committee every month, where representatives of both the company and the union as committee members hold discussions.

Such as Santen Oy, Finland and Santen Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd., employees in overseas subsidiaries also organize employee unions.

The labor and management are on good, mutually understanding and cooperative terms.