A minimally invasive glaucoma surgery device being investigated for primary open-angle glaucoma

Designed for intraocular pressure (IOP) control

MicroShunt features an 8.5-mm SIBS tube with an outer diameter of 350 μm and a 70-μm diameter lumen. It includes multipurpose planar fixation fins to seal the device in order to prevent leakage and migration.1,2

70-μm diameter was found to prevent chronic hypotony (deation of eye) and prevent clogging.2

Demonstrated SIBS biocompatibility in preclinical studies

Preclinical studies were performed in rabbit eyes to evaluate the biocompatibility and safety of SIBS as compared to silicone controls. The effect of different lumen sizes on IOP was alsostudied.

Demonstrated biostability with a lack of biodegradation byproducts resulted in reduced inammation and minimal scar tissue formation.3

  • Demonstrated reduced collagen deposition in the SIBS group compared with the silicone group, with no statistically signicant difference in IOP reduction 7 days after the operation3
  • Cells responsible for scarring, known as myobroblasts, were not observed in tissue surrounding the SIBS implants but were observed with the silicone implants3

Current status

MicroShunt is the first minimally-invasive glaucoma device to undergo a head-to-head comparative trial versus trabeculectomy in the US and Europe. Theprospective, randomized, controlled, multicenter trial includes 527 patients who are being evaluated to determine efficacy and safety in primary open-angle glaucoma where the IOP is not controlled when using maximally tolerated glaucoma medications.

MicroShunt received a CE Mark in 2012 and is commercially available in Europe.


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