About Santen Pharmaceutical

In 1925.

It was listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange in 1963 and on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1964.

Our CORE PRINCIPLE is “Tenki ni sanyo-suru”. Click here for details.

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Santen is listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Please check stock price information linked from this site (External link / Source: Nomura Securities).


Yes, we carried out a 5 for 1 stock split in 2015.
Before then, we carried out a 1.1 for 1 stock split for six consecutive years from 1992 to 1997.

No, you cannot buy stocks directly from Santen. Before buying our stocks, you need to open an account at a securities company. Please ask the relevant securities companies for details.

Please ask the relevant securities companies.

Currently the minimum number of stocks per trade (one trading unit) is 100 stocks. So the amount of money you need is 100 times Santen’s current stock price.

Please see the Stock Information / Stock Handling Procedures.

If you cannot attend a general meeting of shareholders, you can exercise your voting right either by post or via the Internet. These methods are described in the Voting Form we send to shareholders.

Financial results meeting, business performance, and dividends

We usually hold a meeting on full-year financial results of the previous fiscal year in May each year. As for the current fiscal year, we release financial results on a quarterly basis. Dates of such meetings and releases are announced in the IR Calendar page as soon as they are fixed.

We send a year-end financial report (as of March 31 of the previous fiscal year) to our shareholders, together with a convocation notice of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders in June. We also send a report on our half-year earnings (as of September 30 of the current fiscal year) at around the end of November to those who are our shareholders as of the end of the first half (September 30).

We make dividend payments after the closing of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders in June and at the time of reporting half-year earnings around the end of November. You can receive dividends over the counter at a Japan Post Bank or a post office by presenting a Dividend Receipt, which will be mailed to you together with our business performance report. You can also choose to receive dividends through transfer to a bank account.

Contact information for bank transfer procedures

Shareholders with transfer accounts at securities companies

Contact a securities company at which you have an account.

Shareholders with special accounts

Contact Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.

Contact information
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Osaka Corporate Agency Division
TEL: 0120-094-777

For year-end dividends, the record date is March 31. For interim dividends, the record date is September 30.

As of the dividend, please see Dividend per share.
Please note that the amounts of the dividends fluctuate with changes in our business performance and other factors.