Financial Data (Two Fiscal Years)

Statements of income (IFRS)

IFRS basis

(Millions of yen)
Cost of sales(98,221)109,671
(Percent of revenue) (%)39.441.2
Gross profit151,384156,586
(Percent of revenue) (%)60.658.8
Selling, general and administrative expenses(79,554)(84,499)
(Percent of revenue) (%)31.931.7
Amortization on intangible assets associated with products(10,650)(9,734)
(Percent of revenue) (%)4.33.7
Research and development expenses(24,112)26,377
(Percent of revenue) (%)9.79.9
Other income16,0071,043
Other expenses(40,889)(1,133)
Operating profit12,18735,886
(Percent of revenue) (%)4.913.5
Finance income1,3462,543
Finance expenses(1,488)(1,209)
Share of loss of investments accounted for using equity method(358)(1,604)
Profit before tax11,68835,616
(Percent of revenue) (%)4.713.4
Income tax expenses(2,562)(8,427)
Net profit for the year9,12627,189
(Percent of revenue) (%)3.710.2
ROE (%)3.08.4

IFRS (Core basis)

(Millions of yen)
Cost of sales(98,221)(109,671)
(Percent of revenue) (%)39.441.2
Gross profit151,384156,586
(Percent of revenue) (%)60.658.8
Selling, general and administrative expenses(77,171)(83,861)
(Percent of revenue) (%)30.931.5
Research and development expenses(24,112)(26,377)
(Percent of revenue) (%)9.79.9
Operating profit50,10146,348
(Percent of revenue) (%)20.117.4
Net profit for the year37,54935,159
(Percent of revenue) (%)15.013.2
ROE (%)12.310.9

Statement of financial position (IFRS)


(Millions of yen)
  % %
Non-current assets    
Property, plant and equipment39,4899.756,28712.2
Intangible assets112,87628.1130,21728.3
Financial assets31,9037.928,6736.2
Retirement benefit asset1,6190.43,0110.7
Investments from application of equity method5,1621.37,5651.6
Deferred tax assets2,8240.73,1030.7
Other non-current assets2,2490.61,6950.4
Total non-current assets199,05449.1230,55150.1
Current assets    
Trade and other receivables95,99223.799,59121.7
Other financial assets5270.11,2930.3
Other current assets5,2481.38,3871.8
Cash and cash equivalents62,88815.583,01418.0
Total current assets206,23150.9229,42649.9
Total assets405,285100.0459,976100.0

Equity and liabilities

(Millions of yen)
 % %
Share capital8,5252.18,6721.9
Capital surplus8,9542.29,3702.0
Treasury shares(934)(0.2)(718)(0.2)
Retained earnings273,23867.4290,47763.2
Other components of equity20,2835.029,6886.5
Total equity attributable to owners of the parent310,18176.5337,48873.4
Non-controlling interests(535)(0.1)(645)(0.1)
Total equity309,64676.4336,84473.2
Non-current liabilities    
Financial liabilities10,1412.522,0234.8
Net defined benefit liabilities1,2100.31,0770.2
Deferred tax liabilities3,6260.92,5260.5
Other non-current liabilities1,5140.49480.2
Total non-current liabilities17,0904.227,3125.9
Current liabilities    
Trade and other payables38,1069.441,1859.0
Other financial liabilities23,7395.938,5338.4
Income tax payable5,4581.34,1980.9
Other current liabilities10,4282.610,9652.4
Total current liabilities78,54919.495,82120.8
Total liabilities95,63923.6123,13326.8
Total equity and liabilities405,285100.0459,976100.0

Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows (IFRS)

(Millions of yen)
Net cash flows from operating activities38,80846,043
Net cash flows from (used in) investing activities(53,355)(35,169)
Net cash flows from (used in) financing activities(16,685)5,557
Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents(31,232)16,432
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period91,43062,888
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents2,6903,694
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period62,88883,014

(Reference) Accounting Standards and Definition of "Core Base"

With the adoption of IFRS, the Santen Group discloses financial information on a core basis, which is calculated by excluding certain income and expenses item from the IFRS basis, as an indicator of ordinary performance.