Santen Announces Change of Representative Director of the Board

March 25, 2024, Osaka, Japan – Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka, Japan; hereinafter, “Santen” or the “Company”) today announced the change of Representative Director of the Board today. This change was made as the Board received offer from Akira Kurokawa, Representative Director of the Board, Chairman, to resign from his position as Representative Director of the Board.

(1) Reason for change (resignation)
Completion of strengthening the Company’s execution capabilities since the change in June 2022.

(2) Details of the change (As of April 1, 2024)

NameNewly AppointedCurrent Position
Akira KurokawaDirector of the Board,
Representative Director of the Board,

Akira Kurokawa continues to be assigned as chair of Board of Directors.
Takeshi Ito (Representative Director of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer) is the only Representative Director of the Board of the Company after this change.

About Santen
As a specialized company dedicated to eye health, Santen aspires to contribute to the realization of “Happiness with Vision” by providing products and services to patients, consumers, and medical professionals around the world. Since its establishment, and guided by its CORE PRINCIPLE, “Tenki ni sanyo suru,” Santen has been committed to helping people maintain and improve their eye health for more than 130 years. Santen is engaged in the global research and development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products in the field of eye care, supporting the eye health of approximately 50 million people in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide. Santen’s mission is to provide essential and significant value to patients and society in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of eye diseases through products and services created from its expertise in the ophthalmology field and from the patient's perspective. To create a future in which as many patients as possible can lead happy and fulfilling lives, Santen is committed to doing its utmost to realize a society in which people around the world can experience “Happiness with Vision.”
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