Our Partners

Our Partners

Through a history of successful collaborations, Santen has built global alliances with venture businesses, universities, research centers, and other pharmaceutical companies. Each partnership continues to bring us closer toward our mission in meeting the needs of ophthalmic patients worldwide.
The following examples illustrate several of our recent successful alliances with our partners.

Our Partners

  • Aug. 2021
    Sydnexis Inc.

    Santen SA and Sydnexis Inc. entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for SYD-101, a novel investigational treatment for progressive childhood myopia, for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). SYD-101 is currently undergoing a large multicenter phase III clinical trial in Europe and the US.

  • May. 2021
    Glaukos Corporation

    Santen entered into an expanded collaboration in the development and commercialization with Glaukos Corporation for the product development, commercialization, and sales of the Santen owned STN2000100 surgical device ("DE-128") in North, Central, and South America, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to the U.S. executed in 2019.

  • Oct. 2020
    Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Santen and Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc. entered into an exclusive development and commercialization agreement for Rhopressa® (netarsudil ophthalmic solution) and Rocklatan® (netarsudil and latanoprost ophthalmic solution) for the treatment of patients with open-angle glaucoma, ocular surface diseases and retinal diseases in Japan, along with rights for several other Asian countries.

  • Jul. 2020
    Osmotica Pharmaceuticals plc

    Santen and RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an Osmotica Company, entered into an exclusive license agreement covering the development, registration, and commercialization rights in Japan, China, and other Asian countries as well as EMEA countries to RVL-1201, oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution 0.1%, which is the first and only ophthalmic formulation approved in the United States for the treatment of acquired blepharoptosis or ptosis in adults.

  • Jun. 2020
    Plano Pte. Ltd.

    Santen and Plano concluded a strategic alliance to tackle the global burden of myopia.

  • May. 2020
    jCyte, Inc.

    Santen and jCyte Inc. concluded an exclusive licensing contract covering the development, registration and commercialization rights in Japan, Asia and Europe to jCell, a first-in-class investigational therapy in currently in clinical development for retinitis pigmentosa.

  • Feb. 2020

    Santen and Verily, an Alphabet company, established a joint venture to develop and commercialize unique ophthalmic devices focused on applying microelectronics and scalable digital technologies to ophthalmology.

  • Jan. 2020
    International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

    Santen and ITU, the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies, entered into a partnership agreement to support "Be He@lthy, Be Mobile" in ophthalmology, an initiative of ITU and the World Health Organization.

  • Sep. 2019
    Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

    Santen and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation concluded a joint sales promotion contract concerning Alesion® Ophthalmic Solution 0.05% (JAN: epinastine hydrochloride), which is an anti-allergenic ophthalmic solution currently manufactured and marketed by Santen, and Alesion® LX, for which Santen has recently obtained approval.

  • Jun. 2019
    Oxford Biomedica (UK) Limited

    Santen and Oxford Biomedica entered into an R&D Collaboration and Option & License Agreement to research and develop gene therapy products for the treatment of an inherited retinal disease.

  • Apr. 2019
    Glaukos Corporation

    Santen Inc., a subsidiary of Santen Pharmaceutical, and Glaukos entered into a multi-year agreement whereby Glaukos will become the exclusive distributor of the MicroShunt (development code: DE-128) solely in the U.S. market.

  • Sep. 2018
    PeptiDream Inc.

    Santen and PeptiDream entered into a broad-based multi-target discovery and development agreement, under which PeptiDream will use its proprietary Peptide Discovery Platform System (PDPS) technology to identify macrocyclic/constrained peptides against multiple ophthalmic disease targets of interest selected by Santen, and to optimize hit peptides into therapeutic peptides products for such indications.

  • Aug. 2016
    InnFocus, Inc.

    Santen completed the acquisition of InnFocus, Inc., developer of the InnFocus MicroShunt®, glaucoma implant device.

  • Mar. 2016

    Santen and ONO entered into an exclusive license agreement whereby Santen will develop and commercialize ONO-9054, an FP/EP3 dual agonist for the treatment for glaucoma and ocular hypertension developed by ONO, on a worldwide basis.

  • Aug. 2015
    Ayumi Pharmaceutical Corporation

    Santen announced the completion of the transfer of anti-rheumatic pharmaceuticals business to Ayumi Pharmaceutical Corporation.

  • May. 2014
    Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., U.S.A.

    Santen and Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., U.S.A. (Merck, known as MSD outside of the United States and Canada) signed an agreement for the purchase of ophthalmology products.

  • Apr. 2014
    Akorn Inc./Oak Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Santen and Oak Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a subsidiary of Akorn, Inc. entered into a license agreement for sales and marketing of ZIOPTAN® in the US market.