To create a future in which as many patients as possible can lead happy and fulfilling lives, we have an "In Service of Patients" philosophy that embodies our core value of "People Centricity." In all of our daily activities, we emphasize the needs, perspectives, and experiences of our patients.

Our Mission: To empower Santen to work as a trusted partner of people with visual challenges so that together we co-develop and provide innovative solutions that bring value and more happiness through a better vision.

Santen’s commitments to the patients:

1. We actively work towards improving the health outcomes of people with eye diseases


What we mean by this:
·        We listen to understand the experiences of the community, the nature and importance of their unmet health needs and their desired health outcomes.
·        We consider how these differ based on factors such as gender, age, location and disease progression.
·        We educate our employees on the importance of empathy and making decisions based on the needs of the community.
·        We engage with the community to co-develop our strategy and impact our activities, including but not limited to patient support, access strategy and selection of meaningful treatment outcomes in clinical trial design.
·        We value and support caregivers in ways that matter to the community.

2. We promote efficient and sustainable access to valued services and medicines for people living with eye diseases


What we mean by this:
·        We invest in clinical development to advance scientific understanding of eye diseases, in line with the community’s goals.
·        We work closely with regulatory bodies to provide access to medicines as early as possible.
·        We contribute to global and regional efforts to raise awareness of eye health and shape relevant policies, and we align our priorities to relevant global policy goals (UN, WHO etc.).

3. We collaborate with patient organizations as equal, long-term partners


What we mean by this:
·        We are transparent about our long-term strategy, objectives and pipeline.
·        We discuss how we can make a difference together and want to collaborate closely from both an educational and planning perspective.
·        We respect the role, time, and opinions of patient organizations.
·        We optimize our resources to focus on sustainable projects that add value.

4. We communicate transparently within accessibility guidelines


What we mean by this:
·        We incorporate current accessibility guidelines into our working practices and review them annually.
·        We develop clinical trial materials for the community, with the community, and consider the nuanced needs of people of different levels of education and/or vision.
-        We ask clinical trial participants for their opinions and update them before, during and after clinical trials.
·        We make information about our clinical trials and treatments understandable and accessible to everyone, and work to ensure that the language used to communicate to all parties is clear, consistent, and not misleading.
·        We clearly communicate what we can and can’t do.

5. We act ethically, with integrity, and in line with industry codes of practice


What we mean by this:
·        We adhere to, and operate in compliance with, the rules and regulations set out by governments and industry organizations.
·        We are transparent about our goals, intentions, and financial relationships.
·        We respect the privacy of patient data and information.
·        We proactively seek feedback on our practices and processes so that we can be a better industry partner.