July 4 is the anniversary of Santen’s founding.

This year, Santen celebrates the 133rd anniversary of its founding. Santen traces its history back to 1890, when Kenkichi Taguchi opened a private firm, Taguchi Santendo. Taguchi named the firm “Santen,” borrowing the Chinese characters “参”(San) and “天”(Ten) from a passage in a Chinese philosophical classic. Over the past 130 years, both the social environment and medical care have experienced significant change, but the company name “Santen” has been passed down to the present day unchanged. As a company specializing in ophthalmology, Santen remains committed to patients and their loved ones, and today operates in more than 60 countries and regions all over the world.

On the anniversary of our founding, we’d like to share with you the thoughts behind Santen’s corporate logo, which should be a familiar sight for everyone. The current corporate logo, with its symbolic design emphasizing the initial “S” from Santen, was created 31 years ago on July 4, 1992. The creation of the logo represented the first time that the company had used alphabetical notation—a choice that was made in recognition of the expansion of corporate and business activities on a global scale. The design, two large Ss stacked on top of each other, expresses Santen’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and strong growth. With its upward movement to the right, the design also signifies the company’s commitment to “Tenki ni Sanyo Suru” (Exploring the secrets and mechanisms of nature in order to contribute to people’s health), which is both the source of Santen Pharmaceutical’s company name and its CORE PRINCIPLE.

The two shades of blue used in the logo are known as SANTEN BLUE and SANTEN DEEP BLUE, and the light, fresh SANTEN BLUE corporate color signifies our commitment to providing clean, high-quality products. Within the simple design of our logo are represented the ideas we cherish so deeply.


Please take some time to learn more about Santen’s 133-year history

Please also see the following image video, which explains Santen’s WORLD VISION of realizing the Happiest Life for every individual, through the Best Vision Experience

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