Have you ever heard of the word “frailty”? Frailty refers to the age-associated decline in bodily functions that renders people more susceptible to health issues.
Among these, “eye frailty” is a condition in which eye function deteriorates, or is at higher risk of deterioration, due to the addition of various external stresses to the natural deterioration of the eyes that accompanies aging.
If you neglect eye problems or discomfort in your daily life, your visual function will continue to decline, resulting in persistent difficulty in seeing clearly.
Furthermore, it's been suggested that a decrease in visual function or blindness may result in depression and social isolation, impacting your quality of life.

Self-check your eye health and see a specialist when necessary


To maintain a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, it's crucial not to dismiss poor vision as simply a result of aging, but instead, regularly take the time to assess your own eye health.
Detecting eye problems and eye discomfort early on can lead to suitable prevention and treatment, potentially slowing down or easing the progression of symptoms.
If you experience any eye problems, discomfort, fatigue, or similar issues, please do not hesitate to consult with a professional for eye health.

To learn more about eye frailty, please visit the official website "Awareness of Eye Frailty." (Japanese only)

Monitor the health of your precious eyes

Santen is dedicated to promoting disease awareness with the aim of ensuring that as many people as possible understand the importance of eye health, leading to the early detection and prevention of eye diseases.
Please refer to the below self-check tools and videos that provide explanations of the symptoms associated with four eye conditions: dry eye, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts.*

■Self-check your eye health (Japanese only)

*Please note that definitions for certain diseases may vary by country or region. Please consult a professional for eye health in your country or region for more details.

Source: Japan Ophthalmology Awareness Council’s Eye Frailty Awareness official website 

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