Providing Appropriate Information on Products and Services

Santen continues to contribute to the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients around the world by appropriately providing various information on products and services that are useful for treatment and prevention of diseases to healthcare professionals, patients and the public.

Appropriate Promotion

Santen declares in the Santen Code of Practice as a code of conduct “We promptly provide accurate and reliable information on quality, efficacy, safety and other matters of pharmaceuticals and related products as part of our fair sales and marketing activities, in order to promote the optimal use of pharmaceuticals and related products.” Santen Global Compliance Policy also defines the rules that employees must comply with, and educates it to the employees.

We have established procedures in compliance with laws, regulations, and self-regulation in each country and region. For example, in Japan, we have established the Prescription Pharmaceutical Product Information Summary and Advertising Review Committee to conduct appropriate material screening and management. Only product information summaries and promotional materials approved by the Committee are used for promotions.

In FY2020, Santen has received no upheld regulatory complaints concerning marketing and selling practices.

Maintaining an Appropriate Relationship with Healthcare Professionals or Patient Organizations and Ensuring Transparency

Santen provides information materials and opinion-exchange opportunities with patient groups, and holds briefings for healthcare professionals, with the aim of properly using pharmaceuticals and accurately grasping medical needs. We also provide research grants to universities and research institutes and donate funds to patient groups for the development of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. To ensure that our activities are conducted in a highly ethical manner, we comply with laws, regulations, and industry self-regulation. In addition, the Santen Global Compliance Policy clearly stipulates the relationships of medical institutions, etc. and the provision of funds to them, and educates our employees so that they can provide appropriate funds.

In Japan, the Donation Committee, chaired by the director in charge of the CSR department, deliberates on the appropriateness of donations. Organizations independent of sales and research departments confirm the content of donations whenever they are executed. We also disclose information on our donations through our website in the following fiscal year.

Globally, EMEA and the Americas have introduced information disclosure systems to properly collect and manage information on the provision of funds to healthcare institutions and other organizations. In addition, we properly disclose information on our funding performance in compliance with laws, regulations, and industry codes.

Policy for Interaction with Patients and Patient Groups in Japan

In “People Centricity,” which is the core of our VALUES, Santen always put people at the center of every aspect of our activity towards happy lives through vision. Therefore, in order to understand and incorporate the needs and worries of patients through active and continuous interaction with patients and patient groups with honesty, we provide Policy for Interaction with Patients and Patient Groups in Japan based on IFPMA Guidance on Interaction with Patients and Patient Groups.

Provision of Information via Our Website

For Patients

Santen provides information not only on our products but also on symptoms, diagnoses and treatments of eye diseases via the "For Patients" tab on our website.

For Healthcare Professionals

In Japan, in order to timely provide information to address advancement in treatment technologies and diversified medical needs, Santen established Santen Medical Channel, a membership website for healthcare professionals. Santen Medical Channel includes an “Ophthalmologic Video Library”(*)that provides videos on a variety of subjects including exams, diagnoses, treatments and surgery that can be viewed anywhere and at any time. Santen Medical Channel also provides information on products available in Japan, news on healthcare issues, and information useful to daily practice. We also send email newsletters to subscribers.

  • “Ophthalmologic Video Library”: A library, planned by the Japan Ophthalmologists Association and sponsored by Santen, containing videos of ophthalmological science
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