Human Resource Development

Santen makes efforts to equalize opportunities in recruitment, placement, promotion, and skill development, and will continue to cultivate and develop human resources from a medium- to long-term perspective.

Organizational and Human Resource Development Based on CORE PRINCIPLE

Based on CORE PRINCIPLE, we have defined Santen Leadership Competencies (hereinafter, “SLC”), a set of competencies we expect all Santen organizations and employees to obtain. We aim to provide opportunities for employees who demonstrate the competencies at work, in order to reward them for their achievements and develop a corporate culture that enables employees to enhance their capabilities together based on their shared values and diversity. We position the SLC as the core of capability development and career planning for every single employee. Employees are expected to boost their careers and improve themselves by implementing the practices clearly defined in the SLC.

Human Resource Development through Management by Objectives

In Santen, all employee discusses with their manager at the beginning of the year to set goals after coordinating organizational and individual goals, and they get evaluated based on their achievement of those goals at the end of the target period. In order for employees to achieve their goals, Santen provides an opportunity (quarterly check-in system) to give advice through interviews with superiors during the target period. We support each employee in demonstrating and improving their abilities so that they can achieve a sense of accomplishment and grow.

Efforts for Employee Capability Development

Santen conducts “job grade based training” for employees with the aim of realizing the growth goals according to the rank and realizing the gap with the current situation of themselves, the aggregate length of job grade based training sessions in FY2020 was 6,578 hours.

With the progress of globalization of the company, we changed the training system from April 2020 with the aim of supporting voluntary growth. In FY2020, we have strengthened provision of management skills, global communication, and self-learning opportunities. In order to acquire the skills necessary for work, in addition to external training, we are strengthening internal online training and e-learning to create a learning environment that is not affected by time and place. In addition, we have a self-development support system in which the company reimburses part of the expenses for learning and testing of language and business skills that employees take and take for self-development.

Global Job Posting System

In April 2020, Santen Group started operation of a new internal job posting system, the Global Job Posting System. This system is open to all employees of the Group, and is open to all recruiting positions within the group. Through the recruitment position, employees will be able to know what kind of career and growth opportunities they have, and by encouraging themselves to take up a medium- to long-term career, it will promote employees growth.

Meister System

Since FY2017, Santen’s Manufacturing Division has introduced the Meister System, an employee evaluation and treatment system uniquely employed in the Noto Plant and the Shiga Product Supply Center, Japan, with the aim of enhancing manufacturing operators' skills and motivation. Among the qualified candidates who have met the in-house criteria, the employees who have high levels of skills, achievements, experiences and trust from their subordinates, while performing “Individual Action Principles” that comprise CORE PRINCIPLE, are certified as Meisters.

Supporting Employees in Preparing for Retirement

In Japan, Santen offers retiring employees three options: using the reemployment system, receiving the job-hunting support service, or receiving financial aid for job training and also provides job-hunting support after the period of reemployment. We also provide employees who are about to retire with career design training to allow them to understand reemployment, pension and other systems, as well as changes in the employment environment, and consider a life plan after retirement. We have thus established the employee support system to enable all employees to work for many years without worry.

Employee Engagement Survey

We at Santen believe that the fulfillment of Santen’s Vision and continuing sustainable growth require all Santen employees to share a deep understanding of CORE PRINCIPLE and Vision, have more trust and confidence in Santen, and take action to fulfill Santen’s Vision by putting ’CORE PRINCIPLE into practice, while also acting more proactively through collaboration and cooperation. In October 2017, we conducted a global engagement survey targeting all Santen employees in Japan and abroad as respondents, to grasp the state of their engagement based on ’CORE PRINCIPLE and Vision and increase such engagement. We will take measures to solve challenges identified from the survey results.