Respect for Human Rights

The company committed to respecting and protecting human rights through its business activities, and stably performing its activities.

Human Rights Policy

Santen has established the "Santen Group Human Rights Policy" in order to promote and develop respect for Human Rights globally.

Human Rights Training

Believing that all employees, who have been becoming more diverse due to the globalization of our business, must respect human rights and act in accordance with a high standard of ethics, the company has enhanced training programs and other measures to raise employees' awareness of respect for human rights. In Japan, we provide education about harassment and discrimination cases, the desired behavior of employees, and other topics, on the occasion of new employee training and e-learning-based follow-up training. In addition, newly appointed managerial staff are required to receive training to learn the roles and desired behavior of managerial staff through case studies on harassing behavior.

Human Rights-Related Consulting & Reporting Desk

The company sets up a "Speak Up Portal" where employees as well as third parties can consult and report issues online or by phone in any language in the world to accept various consultations and reports on harassment, discrimination, and other human rights-related issues from all employees, including contract and temporary staff. We respond appropriately to accepted consultations and reports with full consideration of personal information and privacy.

Respect for Human Rights in Supply Chain

It is important to fulfill its social responsibilities throughout the supply chain, including not only its own company but also its business partners. The company conducts human rights due diligence and confirms the status of business partners and respond appropriately to matters related to respect for human rights, including the prohibition of discrimination and non-compliance with human rights violations, including the rights of workers, such as the prohibition of child labor and forced labor.

Respect for Human Rights in R&D

The company has established a Research Ethics Committee to protect the human rights of patients participating in clinical trials, and is taking appropriate measures.

Freedom of Association

The company respects human rights of employees and engage in collective bargaining with employee unions.

Fair Recruitment and Selection

The company has formulated the policy of recruiting and selecting new employees without regard to the applicants' nationality, place of origin, sex, family situation, or creed, etc., which are unrelated to the applicants' aptitude or abilities.

In the employee selection process, we conduct fair recruitment and selection based on the appropriateness and ability of applicants without asking inappropriate questions that may violate human rights.