Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Investors & Media

IR Library·Investor Meeting

Latest IR Documents Latest IR Documents

This page contains the latest editions of our IR documents.

Medium Term Management Plan Medium Term Management Plan

This page contains Santen's Medium Term Management Plans.

Consolidated Performance Consolidated Performance

This page contains quarterly financial statements.

Presentation Materials Presentation Materials

This page contains materials presented at our financial result meetings and conference calls.

PipelinePDF Pipeline(PDF)

Santen's product development status in PDF format.

Data Book Data Book

This page contains Data Books issued for each half-year period.

Annual Report Annual Report

This page contains Annual Reports.

Materials for the General Meeting of Shareholders Materials for the General Meeting of Shareholders

This page contains materials used at our general shareholder meetings.

CSR Library CSR Data Book

This page contains Environmental Data Books, Employment and Human Resources Data.